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Reserve Materials

Preparing Material for Reserve in Moon Library

These guidelines for placing materials on reserve have been designed so that your material may be processed efficiently, accurately, and quickly.

Due to the Higher Education Opportunity Act, which went into effect July 1, 2010, your students will now know which library books you may be placing on reserve ahead of time. If a student takes out a library item before it has been placed on reserve they have exclusive use of this item for 21 days, per library policy. Please take this into consideration and request the library material you plan on using for reserve well ahead of time, allowing enough time to recall any material that may be already checked out of the library.

Please allow at least two weeks processing time at the beginning of a semester for all course reserve items. You may, of course, add materials during the semester. You should allow at least two full work days for the items to be processed. Please keep in mind this processing time when announcing availability of reserve materials to your students. Materials are processed in the order in which they are received.

Having the material prepared correctly and following the copyright guidelines will ensure that your reserves will be processed in a timely manner. Instructions showing how materials should be prepared are at the bottom of this page and are available at the Main Desk in Moon Library. Please share the instructions with your teaching assistant(s), or anyone else that may be taking care of your reserves for you. Reserve items turned in under a TA's name or any student's name will not be processed for Reserve. Material that is not prepared or prepared incorrectly may be sent back to you through campus mail for correction, thereby delaying its availability.

Due to space limitations on the reserve shelves we require that reserve material be restricted to required readings rather than suggested or casual readings. You may have on reserve a maximum of 20 items at any given time.

Every item (photocopy, book, etc.) you place on reserve must have a reserve form with all of the information filled in. When completed the reserve forms become a catalog of the material on reserve each semester. The reserve form is available online at www.esf/moonlib/Reserveform.pdf or at the Main Desk in Moon Library.

Photocopied Items for Reserve

  1. Photocopied items must be submitted in 8 1/2 x 11 folders, which you supply, with the tab on the LEFT side so we can easily find it when it is shelved.
    • Every item must be submitted in a separate folder, including multiple copies. You will not be permitted to change or add to reserve items submitted in folders.
    • The left tab should be should be left blank, the library will assign a call number in this space.
  2. A complete citation must appear on the first page of each item. Photocopied reserve items will not be processed without this information.
  3. Complete a reserve form for each reserve article.
  4. The Library will accept up to six copies of a photocopied item for reserve (1 copy for every 15 students). Only one reserve form is required for multiple copies.

Books for Reserve

  1. Complete a reserve form for each reserve book. Be sure your name appears in any personal book you bring in for the reserve collection. If you do not want reserve labels placed directly on the cover of your personal reserve items, please submit the items with book covers securely attached to them.
  2. Library owned books should be turned in to the Main Desk with the completed reserve form inside the book.

Miscellaneous Materials for Reserve

Homework solutions, old exams, lecture notes, CD's, etc. may all be placed on reserve. Complete a reserve form for each item. Please submit lecture notes, homework solutions, and old exams in a 3-ring notebook. Photocopied copyrighted material will not be accepted for reserve in notebooks or binders due to copyright guidelines. Please submit photocopied copyrighted material in individual folders. Due to space limitations, the Library cannot accept maps, equipment, or other large bulky items for reserve.

Please feel free to stop in or call Joann LaFontaine (x6944) with any questions you may have.

Copyright Guidelines

When submitting material for reserve, the copyright law revisions which were outlined In Administrative Bulletin (Vol. 77, No. 57, 11/3/77) must be followed. The amount and type of copying should fall within the Fair Use Guidelines. The responsibility for insuring that copies are in conformance with the copyright law lies with the individual course instructor. Checklist for Fair Use - for information only, the form itself is not usable

The specific points which pertain to reserve are:

  1. Single and multiple copies (i.e., one copy for every 15 students) of photocopied copyrighted material may submitted to the Library for course reserve. The submitted material must include a full citation. The Library will label the reserve material with copyright awareness information (i.e., This material may be protected by copyright law. Title 17, US code).
  2. A letter of copyright permission from the copyright holder must accompany photocopied copyrighted material that has been previously submitted for reserve.
  3. Photocopied items may not be used to substitute for the purchase of books, publishers’ reports, or journals.
  4. Items should not be photocopied from works intended to be "consumable" in the course of study or teaching. These items include workbooks, exercises, standardized tests, test booklets and answer sheets, and like consumable material.

NOTE: Works that fall within the "public domain" (eg. most U.S. Government publications) may be used freely. Public Domain