e s f letters
e s f letters

Fall 2008 Meeting

Our NEKDA 2008 fall meeting was recently held October 28 & 29 in Waterville, Maine. Meeting highlights included:

imageJeremy Jacquet (left), Caledonia Kiln Drying was elected 2009 NEKDA President. Jeremy is thanking Rod Santaw, Morse Hardwoods, for his service leading the NEKDA as President in 2008.

We had a great tour of Robbins Lumber



During our Kiln Operator's Workshop we discussed, answered and addressed a number of important lumber drying, processing and handling issues.

We had excellent technical presentations on:

imageDrying and Mill Yard Management, and dry kiln design by Peter Lammert, Maine Forest Service, Augusta, ME

imageImproving Operations and Energy Use at Robbins Lumber, by John Benjamin, Robbins Lumber, Searsmont, ME

Impact of Within Kiln Temperature Variations on Final MC Uniformity in SPF, by Marc Savard, FPInnovations and France Thibeault, Abitibi Bowater

imageAirborne Particles in Sawmills: Is your health at risk?, by Bob Rice, University of Maine, Orono, ME

How to get a new kiln: Understanding how management thinks, by Bob Rice, University of Maine, Orono, ME

Wood Packaging Inspection, Invasive Insects and Pathogens, by Marc Moore, NELMA, Cumberland, ME

Build New or Renovate- Housing and Dry Kilns for the Next Decade, by Bob Pope, USNR, Montpelier, VT

imageWe also present the Maurice Roy and J.Harry Rich Student Scholarship Awards to James Brown (l), SUNY ESF, and Benjamin Jones (r), University of Maine, shown below with Rod Santaw, NEKDA 2008 President.

After our banquet Marc Moore presented The Story of Wood in the Northeast which has recently been reissued by NeLMA on DVD.