Symposium: Toward A More Diverse Adirondacks

Increasing Human Diversity throughout the Hudson River Watershed

Saturday 13 August 2016
ESF Newcomb Campus, Newcomb, NY

Making the Adirondack Park more attractive to youth of all backgrounds and preferences will be the focus of the second annual Adirondack diversity symposium, which is sponsored by the Adirondack Diversity Advisory Council (ADAC) here on Saturday, August 15.

The organization's second annual Towards a More Diverse Adirondacks symposium will be held at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) Newcomb Campus, near the park's geographic center.

"Students, civil rights leaders, community activists, social scientists and organizations will get together in this wild central Adirondack Park community in mid-August to talk about the need to broaden diversity in race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender-identity among this enormous park's residents and visitors," said ADAC Coordinator Peter Nelson.

The symposium will feature an entire day of discussion about challenges to, and opportunities for, widening the pool of people who use, enjoy and care about the future of the largest park in the contiguous United States.

"Our first symposium in August 2014 was a huge success," said Nelson. "We're excited to continue with a great program."

"The goal of the symposium is to expand the depth and breadth of the discussion regarding diversity that has already begun in the Park," said ADAC member William C. Janeway, Executive Director of the Adirondack Council. "This year's summit will primarily focus on the Adirondacks being welcoming to all youth inside and outside the Park, including diversity within youth."

Discussion points will include questions such as how millenials view diversity, their needs and aspirations, what their experiences in the Park have been, or why they have not experienced the Park, and how the Park can be more welcoming to all youth.


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