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Summer Semester FAQ

Q: Can I take courses if I am not matriculated at SUNY-ESF?

A: Yes! Non-matriculated persons may take courses at SUNY-ESF. Please see the Visiting Student Guide for more information.

Q: How do I register for a SUNY-ESF Summer Semester course (registration begins February 5, 2018)?

A: This depends on your student status:

Q: Who do I talk to about tuition, fees, and billing?

A: All billing and tuition rate questions should be directed to the Bursar’s Office (103 Bray Hall, 315.470.6652, kggolden@esf.edu, www.esf.edu/bursar )

Q: Is Financial Aid available for SUNY-ESF Summer Semester?

A: This depends on your student status:

  • Matriculated SUNY-ESF students may qualify for some financial aid.  Contact SUNY-ESF’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office for more information (113 Bray Hall, 315.470.6670, www.esf.edu/financialaid/summer.htm).
  • Non-matriculated (visiting) students are not eligible for federal, state, and/or institutional financial aid for SUNY-ESF Summer Semester.

Q: Is housing available for SUNY-ESF Summer Semester students?

A: Summer Semester students may inquire about accommodations in Centennial Hall by contacting the Community Manager (Kimberly A. Max, 142 Oakland Street, Syracuse, NY 13210, 315.741.3067, kamax@esf.edu).

Q: How do I request transcripts from SUNY-ESF Summer Semester?

A: To request transcripts, follow the instructions at www.esf.edu/registrar/transcripts.htm. Transcipts are available at no cost.

Q: I am not matriculated at SUNY-ESF but I hope to become a matriculated student in the future. Who can I discuss my academic future with?

A: Academic advising is available to SUNY-ESF visiting students. For advisor contact information relating to specific programs and disciplines, see the Visiting Student Guide.  Also, consider contacting the SUNY-ESF admissions office (315.470.6600, esfinfo@esf.edu, http://www.esf.edu/admission.htm) or graduate office ( 315.470.6599, esfgrad@esf.edu, http://www.esf.edu/graduate/).


Q: What do the class codes tell me about the levels of the class?

A: The following excerpt from the ESF Catalog explains the numbering of the classes:

  • 100-499 Undergraduate courses for which no graduate credit may be given.
  • 500-599 Graduate courses designed expressly for areas of specialization in post-baccalaureate programs. Qualified undergraduate students may enroll with permission of the instructor.
  • 600-699 Graduate courses designed expressly for advanced levels of specialization. Undergraduate students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.000 or better may enroll in these courses with an approved petition.
  • 700-999 Advanced graduate level courses for which no undergraduate students may register.


Q: How do I drop a class?

A: During the Summer only, the student may email the registrar’s office (registrar@esf.edu) giving notice of intent to drop. Note that non-attendance, non-participation and/or non-payment is not sufficient notice of intent to drop a course.

Q: My question is not answered on this page. Who should I ask?

A: Barbara Newman and the rest of the Summer Semester team are ready to help advise you through the ESF Summer Semester process. Please stop by our office (227 Gateway) or contact us at 315.470.4898, banewman@esf.edu