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The Baobab Society

The Baobab Society's goals:

  • Promote a culturally conscious community
  • Providing education and support for its members
  • Facilitates interaction with the greater Syracuse community.

The Baobab Society on Facebook


Past Events:

BLM Brunch
Womens Empowerment Brunch
Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)
Insomniac Event: Miyazaki Madness
Spirit of Essence Banquet
Co-sponsorship with "Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign"
Co-sponsorship with Pride Union's Totally Fabulous Drag Show

September - Involvement with ESF's Annual Fall Fest
October - Baobab Society Field Trip
November - Dwali: Hindu Festival of Lights
December - Baobab Society's Volunteer Abroad Trip: Fiji Islands Discovered in 2013


Spirit and Essence Banquet February 11th , 2017
Gateway Center. Time: 6-9pm

The Baobab Society on Facebook


President: Kristine Earley
Vice-President: Makayla Comas
Secretary: Natalie Rodrigues
USA representative: Alana Lindsay
Treasurer: Alyssa Lau
Advisor: Eileen Baldassarre

Our club meets on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in 145 Baker.