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Engineering for a Sustainable Society
Engineers Without Borders

About ESS

Meetings are Mondays at 5pm in 119 Moon

Engineers Without Borders - USA (EWB-USA) is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for people at home and abroad. Our chapter, ESF-EWB, strives to provide engineering solutions to communities in Latin America in need of better infrastructure. Members work on designing projects and get the chance to travel and experience different cultures.

The SUNY ESF chapter of Engineers Without Borders-USA was created in fall 2003 by one Syracuse University Environmental Engineering student and two SUNY ESF Forest Engineering students. Throughout its existence, the ESF chapter of EWB has been entirely student-run. Students decide what projects the chapter will work on and are in charge of the entire project. Faculty and professionals are welcomed as mentors to supplement the students' design process.

In addition to international endeavors, the ESF chapter of EWB-USA likes to focus on community volunteering and design projects, chapter collaboration, educational workshops, and campus activities such as speakers, TGs and films.

ESF-EWB welcomes all majors, so even if you have no experience in engineering or international service, don't hesitate to join in.

Message From Past Club President Ana Flores on Name Change

Over the past year we have seen many changesfrom a change in leadership to a change in name. Changes are always a challenge, but as a motivated student club, challenges are what we strive to overcome. Formerly known as Engineers Without Borders (EWB), we as a club have transformed to Engineering for a Sustainable Society (ESS). This is a change that we as a club have been awaiting anxiously so that we can become our own entity and return to our grassroot origins. Since our club began, we have learned the importance of being multi disciplinary in the work we do and the way we think to come up with solutions. We wanted to attract more members to our club, other than just engineers to get outside views. Hence we adopted a new name to appeal to the majority of our campus while maintaining the importance of our engineering practices.

The first part of our new name "Engineering" is a form of action. We are not static but dynamic in our actions. Every year we are evolving, moving onto new projects and seeking members of different educational backgrounds. You do not have to be an engineer to "engineer" something. Engineering uses insights to conceive an idea, and all students at ESF have the capability to do this. Our insights may be on different topics but that is what we want, knowledge on different topics to create a holistic solution. The second half of our new name is "Sustainable Society". Now a days sustainable is a common word being thrown around, it's a buzz word symbolizing the "green revolution", but what does it actually mean? For us, sustainability is about designing a selfsupporting system made of all local materials, a system that the locals will be able to maintain long after we leave the community.

Finally, all though we have changed our club name that does not mean we are no longer EWB. In fact, ESS is just a big umbrella under which we are a part of Engineers Without Borders. The idea behind adopting a different name is having the freedom to work on local projects and assist non profit organizations we know through professors and graduate students so that our organization can have a larger impact upon communities both locally and internationally.


EWB-USA Website
ESF ERE Website


President: Thomas Decker
Vice President: Kristine Ellsworth
Secretary: Kiana Morse
Treasurer: Sam Meserve
USA Representaative: Douglas Reymore
Public Relations: Taylor Brown
Webmaster: Kurt Dirr


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