Tears Like Diamonds


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By Samson Lau

Blazing music from speakers during Juice Jam in the field of south campus; this was the place to be on Sunday, September 12. The concert opened with rap artist Lupe Fiasco and later closed with the mashup trio known as Super Mash Bros. But the true highlight of the day was clearly from the electro-pop synth stylings by Passion Pit. The blasting beats from the bass was enough the get the entire audience’s blood pumping from all corners of the field.

I arrived fashionably late into the second performance by Passion Pit and was escorted close to the stage entrance of the band with along the rest of the press photographers. However, the energy booming from the crowd was too hard to ignore, forcing me to find my way into the front row audience to take better shots of the fun everyone was having. It was an awesome environment filled with friendly people that would politely move out of the way and allow me to take clearer photographs of the band. A perfect example of everyone’s camaraderie occurred when a stranger lifted me above the crowd to take many perfect photos of the band and the audience. Along with experiencing the life of a press photographer, I also played the role of a Passion Pit fan and was compelled to sing and dance along to their music.

Performing songs from the band’s album Manners, the band emitted an infectious vibe causing the whole crowd to dance. Boys and girls surfing the crowd and inching closer to the stage to get a better view of band. As the band’s show came closer to the end, they played their latest smash hit single, Little Secrets, causing and uproar in the crowd. Everyone knew the words to the chorus and sang it loud and proud as everyone’s hands waved up, high, back and forth in the air. It was the great way to end the three-day weekend and a perfect excuse to dance.