Papyrus Club General meeting

September 18, 2003


The meeting began at 5:30 pm, with 6 people present.


-         Dr. Bill Holtzman came to speak about recruitment, Lockwood Post, and PSE 468

- Kristin will write up a survey, asking students what convinced them to apply/come to ESF for PSE

- Lockwood Post contains vital info for interviews, as well as PSE 468, so Dr. Holtzman will hold an informational session on October 2, 2003 at 5:30 to go over how to use Lockwood for any interested students

- Any questions can be emailed to Dr. Holtzman at billh@a-znet.com

-         Pictures of all the officers were taken, with the exception of Gary, who wasn’t present

-         Tailgate party:

Students: shirt and food - $20

                Food only - $10

Faculty and Staff: $30 (shirt and food, shirt not optional)

                        - Ata will make a sign to post

-         Linda will need help preparing for the SPPF banquet.  Please sign up to help her whenever possible.

-         Dr. Keller is interested in taking a field trip, possibly to Pennsylvania, for a mill tour

-         We are in need of a USA Rep – a letter of intent is due by tomorrow, September 19, 2003.  Meetings are Mondays at 5:30.  If we have a rep, the club will receive up to $400 per semester for back to school picnics, etc.

-         The Back to School Picnic will be on Friday, October 26th, from 2 – 4 pm.  Jess will pick up the food, Evan will call the Physical Plant for 2 tables and a garbage can, and Kristin will register the event, and post a sign-up sheet.


The meeting ended at 6:15 pm.



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