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Under the leadership and revitalization efforts of Chair Mike Farrell, Vice Chair Kathleen Creek, Secretary Jeff Denkenberger, Treasurer  Jesse Ritchie, Councilors Wade Aldrich, Mike Tripodi, Rebecca Sauter, and Chad Cassellman, and advisor Dr. René H. Germain we had one heck of a year!

We're going to miss Memorial Grove committee chairs Travis Smith and Joel Poskus and all the others who have graduated from ESF and to their respective state societies.

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Annual SAF BBQ (May 3, 2003)

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Forestry Awareness Day in Albany (April 7, 2003)

Advertised the Memorial Grove and represented our student chapter. We thank the Farrell family for their hospitality.   Back to top.

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Sweet Saturdays (March 29 and April 5, 2003)

Sugar Bush walk with Western Finger Lakes, NYFOA Chapter. Back to top.

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Water Resources Symposium (with American Water Resources Association), March 28, 2003

Students and professionals in aquatic ecology, forestry, hydrology, watershed management, fisheries, and other water related fields presented current water resource research.

9:35-9:50 Continental Breakfast,  Introduction
9:50-10:10 "Airborne and deposited bacteria near a wastewater treatment plant." Ashish Kumar-Clarkson Univ.,
10:10-10:30 "Microbial dynamics in shallow peat in calcareous fen." Svetoslava Todorova-Syracuse Univ.
10:30-10:50 "Survival and growth response of juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmosalar) to a perturbation gradient." Stephen M. Coghlan Jr.-SUNY ESF
10:50-11:10  "Photolysis of Hexacyanoferrate."David Kuhn-Clarkson Univ.
11:10-11:30 "Comparison of sewer outputs: Combined and separated sewer systems."Jessica Black-SUNY ESF
11:30-11:50 "St. Petersburg and the Neva River: Toward a poetics of urban ecology."Rachel May-SUNY ESF
12:00-12:20 "Assessments of load estimation techniques for non-uniform paced grab samples; implications for water quality sampling strategies."   Jonathan M. Duncan-SUNY ESF, Steve Wolosoff-SUNY ESF
12:20-12:40 "Development of a storm water runoff sampling device." Kerry Thurston-SUNY ESF Alumni
12:40-1:00 "A Watershed Rehabilitation Project: Olive Cove, Southeast Alaska." Sarah Meyer-SUNY ESF
1:00-1:45 Mike Townsend-NRCS Wetlands Reserve Program
1:45-2:00  Closing Remarks
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Screening of Gentle Logging, Feb. 24, 2003

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NYSAF meeting, Liverpool, Jan. 29-31, 2003

Members networked with consultants, representatives from industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as faculty and students from the Ranger School and Paul Smiths College.  We also invited State Society members to help kick off the sale of trees to be planted in the at the Svend O. Heiberg Memorial Forest, Tully, NY.  All funds will be used to help support the Student Chapter in their role as student hosts of the National Convention in Buffalo this fall.  Back to top.

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Humbolt Challenge

ESF came in 2nd in with 66 new members during 2002.  With 70 new members, Humboldt remains the challenger.  Back to top.

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Cookie-luck, December 14, 2002

Cookies and SAF--what more could forestry students ask for?  Back to top.

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TGIO, December 5, 2002 

Along with the Forest Engineering and Forestry Clubs, SAF hosted the semi-annual TGIO (Thank Goodness It's Over!) celebration!   Thanks, Wade, for donating the Christmas trees that were raffled.  Back to top.

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Thanksgiving Potluck supper, November 23, 2002

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Left: The four Thanksgiving Day chefs: Troy, Joel (with his Martha Stewart cookbook), Matt, and Mike.  Right: Meeting new SAF friends.  

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Tree planting at Onondaga Lake with Cornell Cooperative Extention's Department of Community Forestry Education.  Nov 12. We planted ten ornamental trees (Japanese Choke Cherry and Lilac) along the paved path that runs along Onondaga Lake with ESF graduates Steve Harris (MS '01) and Paul O'Connor (BS '92) from CCE.  Paul plans to plant low growing trees that don’t interfere with the power lines along most of the paved path to supply shade in the summer. CCE  hopes to coordinate this again with SAF next year.  Back to top.

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Top, from left:  Groundbreaking-Erika, Matt, and Kathleen.Troy, Kathleen, Mike and Erika take a breather.Paul O'Connor (CCE)  put supports around the tree.  Bottom, from left:  Jeff tightens the supports on another tree. Mulch-the finishing touch.  A job well done!

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Non-Timber Forest Products Trip to Arnot Forest, October 31, 2002

SAF members toured the non-timber forest products of Cornell University's field station.  Back to top.

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Ethics in Forest Science

Dr. Rich Guldin, Staff Director for Science Policy, Planning, Inventory, and Information for the Research & Development, USDA Forest Service (USFS), Arlington, VA. Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2002, 4 pm.  Dr. Guldin described the events that led to the development of the USFS's Code of Scientific Ethics and discussed the 11 aspirational precepts therein.   This code also appliesgulden.jpg (15725 bytes) to collaborators that conduct work funded by the USFS.   Back to top.

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Winston-Salem 2002 National Convention

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In ESF's first appearance in the quiz bowl, our team (Mike Farrell, Joel Poskus, Wade Aldrich, and Mike Tripodi) made it through two rounds, only to be eliminated in a lightening round against Northern Arizona University.  We expect that what we learned will help us put together next year's competition.

Congratulations to Jeff Denkenberger for his second place finish in the Fun Run!

In addition to cheering on our quiz bowl team, members contributed posters (Eric Greenfield), presentations (John Munsell) and to committees (Diane Kiernan and Heather Engelman).   Our two diversity scholars would like to thank SAF's Diversity Committee.  As a group,  we would like to thank Drs. René Germain, Bill Bentley, and Hugh Canham for their assistance in getting us there!  Back to top.

Most of our members have graduated, leaving many opportunities for new students to gain leadership experience.  Contact Dr. Germain to discuss which role is right for you. 


Growing forests, and foresters.




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