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Under the leadership of Chair Denise Keele, Vice Chair Joe Chairvolotti, Secretary Amanda Da Silva, Treasurer  Nick Parker, Councilors Wade Aldrich, Kathleen Creek, Janine Fabian, and Troy Townsend, and advisor Dr. René H. Germain we had another great year.

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End-of-Year Potluck, May 1, 2004

Thank you to the residents of the Syracuse University Outing Club residence for hosting this hopefully new annual event. 
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Tree Planting, April 28, 2004

Nick reports:  "We got a lot accomplished this morning thanks to all of your hard work. 
The Grove is looking good and is something to be proud of.  Keep up the dedication and good work into the future."  Back to top.

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ESF Spotlight on Research Poster Session, April 13, 2004

SAF co-sponsored this annual event where students showcase their work, both service and research, in posters.
Although we viewed this as an opportunity to recruit new members and solicit donations for the memorial grove, our primary responsibility was service itself:  making sure the food arrived and was set up in a timely manner.  Back to top.

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Project Learning Tree Workshop, April 2, 2004

DEC's John Graham facilitated this all day indoor/outdoor workshop for us.  Back to top.

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Guest speaker:  Paul Ray, Natural Resource Conservation Service, March 23, 2004

Mr. Ray offered information on Wildlife Habitat Incentives Programs (WHIP), species and site selection, maintenance issues, planting strategies (particularly timing), and reducing or preventing deer browse on our very own Memorial Grove.  Our highest priorities:  verifying that the species we selected really is suitable for the site available to us, getting new seedlings in the ground when we can take advantage of abundant moisture, making it easier for Forest Properties to mow by adequately marking the area,  keeping the deer at bay, and getting this plan in writing.  Back to top.

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Kudos for Student Chapter, March 6, 2004

Former Council Member Dr. Jim Coufal passed on these words of recognition:

"I thought you would like to know of a sentence on p. 16 of the December 2003 [Council Meeting] minutes, under the heading of 'Update on the 2003 National Convention.'  It says:

"...Council also acknowledged the excellent work of the students from SUNY who took an active role in student and program activities at the convention."
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NYSAF meeting, Doubletree Club Hotel, N. Syracuse, NY, February 4-5, 2004

Our information table proved to be very fruitful in terms of collecting information from potential speakers and updating previous donors but not so much in terms of fund-raising!  Members also appreciated the student sessions geared toward job-searches.  By 'intermingling' with professionals during lunch, we discussed upcoming chainsaw training opportunities and met procurement foresters willing to be 'shadowed' by students in Dr. Germain's class. Back to top.

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Guest speaker:  Craig Vollmer, January 26, 2004

Mr. Vollmer, Brooks Forestry & Resources Management,   chair-elect, NYSAF, and former chair of this chapter, discussed "Forest and Related Careers."  Mr. Vollmer credits his first post-graduation jobs to contacts he made with speakers during events just like this!  Back to top.

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TGIO! December 4, 2004

 Rebecca Sauter's homemade apple pies and Wade Aldrich's Christmas trees were raffled off.  Back to top.

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2nd Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Supper, November 21, 2003

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Tree Planting, November 8, 2003

ESF-SAF again partnered with Cornell Cooperative Extension to plant trees in two Syracuse neighborhoods.  Back to top.

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Buffalo 2003 National Convention
October 25-29, 2003

Members worked hard to organize student events at the convention, including the Student Icebreaker (headed by Jeff Denkenberger and Wade Aldrich), where students' had their first opportunity to network with other SAF members and potential employers while enjoying some acoustic music.  Rachel Habig organized the Student Host Committee to communicate with other schools prior to the convention and provide assistance during the convention and Fun Run.  Troy Townsend and Eric Smalldino developed a comprehensive list of "things to do, places to see" list suitable for student budgets.  Kathleen Creek coordinated pre-, during, and post-convention logistics for the Quiz Bowl.  Mike Farrell provided the same for the National Student Assembly.  Rose Thelen, Paul Smith's College, served as liaison to their student chapter.  We thank NYSAF for financial assistance toward our registration fees, ESF's Faculty of Forest and Natural Resources Management for lodging, and the individual faculty and alumni kind enough to "adopt-a-student" for a meal or two.  Back to top.

Quiz Bowl

Visiting school vied to answer the most forestry related questions and win the Quiz Bowl Trophy.  Left:  Moderator Rachel Habig awaits discussion among team members.  Right:  Quiz Bowl coordinator Kathleen Creek with the winners--University of Arkansas.

National Student Assembly:  Preservation and Conservation Panel Discussion

Left:  The historical perspective of Gifford Pinchot (left) and John Muir, as portrayed by Mike Tripodi and Tory Gray  Right:  The discussion about conservation and preservation continues with: David Kittredge, U. Mass; Greg Comatas, International Paper Corp., Mike Farrell (Facilitator), Bruce Kershner, New York Old Growth Forest Association; and Pat McGlew, The Nature Conservancy.  NSA affords the students to discuss current issues and  make suggestions that the chair can bring to the House Society of Delegates. Back to top.

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Urban & Community Forestry Speaker, October 13, 2003

Steve Harris, Cornell Cooperative Extension, discussed CCE's Urban and Community Forestry Program, which he defined as somewhere between forestry, landscape architecture and horticulture.  Steve coordinates volunteers and trains people on arboriculture. The city does plantings on a request basis only. Environmental benefits include: improved air and water quality and moderated temperatures.  Economic benefits include:  increased property value; decreased cost of stormwater and flood control; lowered heating and cooling costs, extended life of paved surfaces, increased traffic safety; and increased business (i.e., consumer preference).  Social benefits include:  less violence; improved neighborhood relationships; improved health (less asthma), and lower noise pollution.  Critical areas for management are the interface with infrastructure (street trees, new and redevelopment) and parks – maintain tree resource.  Job opportunities include:  working for tree care companies (i.e. Bartlett Tree Experts), “Green” groups, non-profit organizations, and big cities (Boston, Philadelphia, NYC etc.).  For more information on jobs log onto http://www.treelink.org, it is an urban forestry website.  Back to top.

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SAF Student Chapter Website Award

This webpage won the third place certificate in SAF's annual Student Chapter Website Award.  First and second place honors went to Mississippi State University and Pennsylvania State University, respectively.  Certificates were awarded during the National Convention in Buffalo and announced in the Oct. 2003 Forestry Source and E-ForesterBack to top.

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First-year Forestry Fieldtrip, September 20, 2003

We joined Professors Germain, Nowak, and Kuehn's FOR132 Orientation Class on their first group venture to Heiberg Memorial Forest.  With d-tapes and prisms in tow, SAF members showed, told, and taught how they would be used in class and on the job.  Back to top.

Left:  Diameters.  Center:  Nick Parker demonstrates an increment borer.  Right:  The resultant core...

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Humboldt Challenge, 2002

ESF came in 2nd in with 66 new members during 2002.  With 70 new members, the much larger Humboldt State University remains the challenger, and the school to beat in 2003.  Back to top.

Most of our members have graduated, leaving many opportunities for new students to gain leadership experience.  Contact Dr. Germain to discuss which role is right for you. 


Growing forests, and foresters.




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