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Earth Summit 2002


This campaign is a national campaign, and gets it's roots from the Earth Summit held 10 years ago, in Rio de Jainero. The official name for the Summit was the Untied Nations Conference on Environment And Development. This meeting was the largest meeting of heads of state up until that time, and was focused on how to protect the environment, specifically

  • Global warming
  • Deforetation
  • Sustainability
  • The outcome of this meeting was Aganda 21, a blueprint to achieve sustainable developement and a lot of talk. Very little action came out of it.

    So the United Nations have decided to have another huge meeting (This one called the World Cummit on Sustainable Development- WSSD), and will take place August 26 - September 2, 2002, in Johanesburg South Africa

    In the Past...

    Seac participated at the UNCED meeting, but took a more radical approach then many of the other NGO's SEAC wrote UNCED=UNSAID, organized walk outs, put up fliers on bathroom stalls, and put pressure on the delegates to take action

    More recently, SEAC has decided to go to Prep com 2 at the UN building to help make the youth statement of the world, and start building coalitions for the WSSD

    In the Future...

    SEAC plans to go to Johanesburg to take back the summit, make sure that delegates sign on to treaties that can pheasibly be achieved to improve the world, and have our voice heard