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The Oneida Struggle


This campaign started as a result of going to a workshop at Colombia university during the Student Mobilization for global Justice conference, which was held right before the World Economic Forum (WEF) protests in NYC 2/2002. We had not come for the conference, but still had some time before the actions took place so we went to a work shop on the Onieda Struggle, seeing as how many of us were interested in indigenous affairs. we only inteneded to stay for a little bit and then go to the action against the Gap, but the workshop blew our minds away so much that we decided to stick it out until the end and miss the major part of the Gap action.

At this Workshop we heard about the dictatorship of Ray Halbritter, owner of the Turning Stone Casino who was removed by the clan mothers of the Oneidas, but placed back as chief by the bureau of Indian affairs, and then procedded to hire a non-indigenous police force to commit "inspections" of people's houses and would often brutalize the people. Halbritter is also trying to and has succeeded in getting many of them kicked off the land

In the Past...

We have invited speakers to come and talk, but they never got back to us. We also made a flier and set out on an education campaign to educate the people about this issue, but in general very little has been done

In the Future...

We plan on having a speaker come and having a teach-in on the subject. We also plan on possibly going up there to help them out in their struggle, show them support, and would love to hear other suggestions as to what we should do. Most important is to raise awareness for this issue, and if you want to learn more, then go to Oneids for