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People's Responsibility In Developed Environments (PRIDE)

PRIDE is SEAC's Community service campaign. This campaign goes back at least two years, and even earlier then that, and it's origins lie in a project for a class where one SEACer chose to take youth from the uban areas here in Syracuse out for Nature hikes. The hope was to show the children the beauty of nature that they might not have had an opportunity to have seen living in and around the city

hanging around

In the Past...

SEAC has taken children from the boys and girls club to recycling plants, Beaver lake, highland forest, and other areas around Syracuse. Trips are usually about 3 hours and consist of hiking, "scavenger hunts" (like finding a rock covered with moss, but not collecting it, only checking it off a list), arts and crafts.

one item on our scavenger hunt was to find a tree big enough not to put your arms around

In the Future...

SEAC will definitely continue this program in the years to come. It's great for the kids, plus it great for us as we get to interact with nature. But we really needs people who can identify trees, plants, birds, etc to educate the kids, as well as good ideas of what activities we can do with them, what new crafts ideas or hiking activity. If you want to get involved, contact or come to a seac meeting.

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