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e s f letters

esf in the high schoolEnvironmental Summit Research Symposium

Minds-on Hands-on Original Research Projects
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Environmental Summit is a research symposium designed to bring together a community of high school aged scientists to present and discuss their original research to their peers, high school and college science faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. The research was conducted as part of the Global Environment course curriculum, enabling the high school students to engage not only in the knowledge but process of science.

ESF in the High School is a collaboration between ESF and partnering urban, rural, and suburban school districts. ESF in the High School enables qualified high school students to take the Global Environment course for college credit while still in high school and to prepare for a successful transition to college.

The ESF Science Corps is comprised of undergraduate, masters, and PhD students who receive NSF Fellowships, links ESF research to the classroom, lab, and field experiences of ESF in the High School. The Science Corps members serve as resources to teachers and students conducting research.

The Environmental Summit encourages students to:

  • Conduct original research and scientific inquiry
  • Review and critically think about scientific literature from popular to peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • Explore science and science-related careers and educational interests


For additional information contact:

Dr. Richard Beal
ESF Educational Outreach
(315) 470-6817