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e s f letters
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2009 Environmental Summit Research Symposium

Minds-On Hands-On Original Research Projects

Congratulations to all ESF in the High School 2009 participants!

Student presentationAwards: Oral Presentation

  • 1st Place Presentation: Kaylee Lamanna – Water Quality and its Effect on Trout Populations (Fabius-Pompey)
  • 2nd Place Presentation: Amrita Stützle – Energy Efficiency and Run-off Performance of Green Roofs (Nottingham)
  • 3rd Place Presentation: Matthias Vesterdal – Wind Power Generation in the US and in the Town of Lafayette (LaFayette)
  • Honorable Mention: Paul Traver – The Effect of pH and Nitrogen Content on Ceratopteris richardii Spore Germination and Growth (Nottingham)

Awards: Poster Presentation

  • 1st Place Poster: Rochelle Moon – Increase Energy Efficiency in the Home to Reduce Costs of the Electric Bill (ESM)
  • 2nd Place Poster: Jacob Elter – Wind Study in Fabius: Feasibility of Installing a Wind Turbine For Powering (Fabius-Pompey)
  • 3rd Place Poster: Laura Chrissley and Madeline Chopskie – Onondaga Lake: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Cost? (ESM)

For additional information contact:

Dr. Richard Beal
ESF Educational Outreach
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