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e s f letters

Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Culture

EFB 120 / Section 1 (3 credits)

Monday, July 26 - Friday, July 30
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
145 Baker Laboratory, ESF Campus

Program fee: $175

Course Description

Welcome to the Global Environment! Environmental problems make headlines every day. How can we help to develop participatory citizens who understand the complex scientific and social issues behind the headlines, make informed decisions, and meet these environmental challenges? How can you help shape the environmental future for the 21st Century and beyond?

The Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Culture has been a core course at ESF for close to 20 years. Each year about 250 students take Global Environment (for short) on campus; it is a required core course for two of our undergraduate programs and also fulfills a general education requirement in either Natural Science or Social Science. Global Environment is fairly unique in its integration of the study of the environment with the study of history and human culture all into one course. Energy is used as a common theme to integrate the various topics that are covered.

Global Environment is a 3-credit course that focuses on the big picture. We begin by looking at the environmental processes that lead to patterns of life on Earth and then move on to how these patterns shaped human social-cultural development. In our look at the advancement of human culture we focus particular attention on changes in resource use.

We then transition to the subsequent rise of environmental problems and issues of sustainability. Finally, we conclude with an overview of some methods being used to create a more sustainable future. Many of the topics covered are particularly timely given the current state of energy resources and environmental problems.