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2016 Kiln Drying Workshop

January 11-14, 2016
SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY

About the Workshop

This workshop provides practical knowledge about how to effectively kiln dry wood, and focuses on the science behind related wood properties and drying processes.

  • As the economy improves, are you ready to supply the market with the best quality kiln dried lumber?
  • Do you want to better control your drying and quality cost?
  • Can you improve and better manage your drying and lumber handling options?

The instruction and topics are of interest and value to novice and experienced kiln operators as well as yard, sales, purchasing, marketing, and manufacturing managers. University professors and various industry experts instruct in the classroom and through hands-on lab exercises using our modern kiln.

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This workshop is sponsored by the SUNY-ESF, in cooperation with the New England Kiln Drying Association.

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