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With the evolution of energy curing technologies, entire industries are changing. An increasing emphasis on UV (ultraviolet) and EB (electron beam) curing creates new opportunities for sustainable materials manufacturing. With this in mind, RadTech International, North America (RadTech) and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF) have partnered to create a program that bridges academic and professional development.

The Radiation Curing Program (RCP) helps both students and industry professionals capitalize on these emerging opportunities. Whether you are starting a new career, advancing in your current role, or simply want to better understand these technologies, RCP will help position you and your organization to lead the movement.

RCP incorporates online professional development short-courses that can be completed in 4-6 hours including:

For those wanting more in-depth knowledge, RCP offers three advanced online courses that provide foundational and advanced treatment of current and emerging UV/EB curing principles and applications. These courses offer three 500-level credits each:

  • Introduction to Polymer Coatings
  • Radiation Curing of Polymer Technologies
  • Radiation Curing Equipment, Instrumentation and Safety

These advanced courses may be taken for graduate credit or as non-credit professional development. Participants taking all three core courses for credit can apply for a Graduate Certificate in Radiation Curing from the State University of New York.

The Radiation Curing Program's online format is flexible and accommodates work, travel, and other commitments. This allows you and your organization to advance in this innovative and rapidly growing field in a convenient and cost-effective way. It is the perfect educational solution to complement in-house training for new and existing employees and for those wanting to learn more about the radiation curing field.

No matter how you decide to be a part of the Radiation Curing Program, this is an incredible opportunity to position yourself and your organization to meet current and future energy curing challenges and opportunities.

On behalf of RadTech and SUNY-ESF, we invite you to get started today.

Gary Cohen, Executive Director, RadTech International, North America
Dr. Chuck Spuches, Associate Provost for Outreach, SUNY-ESF (email) / 315-470-4871 (phone)

Winter/Spring Courses (Credit or Non-Credit)

Advanced Online Courses

Introduction to Polymer Coatings / January 11, 2016 - March 11, 2016 / Online

Radiation Curing of Polymer Technologies / January 11, 2016 - March 11, 2016 / Online

Radiation Curing Equipment, Instrumentation and Safety / January 11, 2016 - March 11, 2016 / Online

Professional Development Short-Courses

Now offering 3 convenient start dates; beginning December 1st, January 11th, and February 1st Register now and complete each of these 4-6 hour courses at your own pace.

Principles of Energy Curing Technologies

Basics of UV Curable 3D Printing

Please visit our Registration, Fees & Billing page for more information!

This project is funded, in part, by a U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant, Enhancing American Jobs and Global Competitiveness: A Collaborative Initiative in Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing.

The SUNY-ESF Radiation Curing Program is an equal opportunity program and auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This project adheres to the nondiscrimination and equal opportunity provisions of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA).


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