Graduate Teaching Fellows Teachers and High School Partnerships 2004-05

The ESF Science Corps

The NSF grant expands to all ESF in the High School Global Environment college credit-bearing courses.

The Graduate Teaching Fellows are science resources to the ESF in the High Schools teachers and assist in infusing scientific research and literature through inquiry-based activities into the ESF in the High School college credit-bearing Global Environment course. The ESF in the High Schools include the Syracuse City School District, and Central New York suburban and rural school districts.

The ESF in the High School schools have two levels of interaction with the Graduate Fellows. They are either a Primary School or a Participating School. The 10 Primary Schools’ teachers are partnered with a Graduate Fellow for approximately 12 weeks during the Fall and/or Spring semesters. The Graduate Fellow will partner with the 13 participating schools teachers for several weeks during each of the Fall and Spring Semesters. The Graduate Fellows have prepared 24 inquiry-based activities for the Participating Schools’ teachers to infuse into their Global Environment course.

The ESF in the High School Teachers are qualified high school teachers who must earn an appointment as an ESF adjunct instructor. They teach the ESF college credit-bearing Global Environment course in their school as part of the high school schedule enabling students to experience the challenge of doing college level course work and earn college credit. Teachers participate in mentoring and professional development activities with ESF faculty and Graduate Teaching Fellows.

NSF/ESF in the High School Primary and Participating Partnerships

Primary Schools

Gaduate Fellow Teacher Fall Semester Spring Semester
Shane Cheshire Teresa Weiler Wilson Magnet Wilson Magnet
Kelly Miller Tim Harrison Central Square Central Square
Becky Jarrell Kim Linkinhoker Cicero North Syracuse
Becky Jarrell Donna Formica Fowler
Kevin Shoemaker Heather Weiland Cato-Meridian
Kevin Shoemaker Kathy Rizzo RomeFree Academy
Amy Dechen Audrey Kittredge Chittenango Chittenango
Peter Homyak Myriam Ibarra Nottingham Nottingham
Sara Scanga Chuck Vertucci Oswego BOCES Oswego BOCES
Bob Barber Joe Houppert Oswego Oswego

Participating Schools

2 week visits
Fall Semester
1week activity
pre-Fall Semester
2 week visits
Spring Semester
1week activity
pre-Spring Semester
Marcellus OCM BOCES Skaneateles OCM BOCES
Beaver River fall/Carthage OCM BOCES Carthage OCM BOCES
Fayetteville Manlius OCM BOCES Liverpool OCM BOCES
FabiusPompey OCM BOCES Fabius Pompey OCM BOCES
Cayuga New Visions OCM BOCES Cayuga New Visions OCM BOCES
Corcoran OCM BOCES Corcoran OCM BOCES
Henninger OCM BOCES Henninger OCM BOCES
Nazareth OCM BOCES Nazareth OCM BOCES


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