e s f letters
e s f letters

Speaker Presentations

SURE 2009


Renewable Technologies Overview and Discussion

Sustainable Business Decisions
Elet Callahan

Wind and Solar Thermal
Michael Kelleher

Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Dr. Neal Abrams

Biomass Heating on a Small Scale
Dr. Timothy Volk

Putting Renewable Technologies to Work

Climate Change Challenges: Meteorology and Climate Change
Dave Eichorn

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and What to Do About Them

Residential and Small Commercial Applications for Biomass Fuels

Nuts & Bolts of Greening Business Practices
Dr. Scott Webster, Patrick Penfield, & Dwayne Cole

Resource Management Strategies: Land Owner Opportunities

Opportunities and Incentives for Businesses and Home Owners

  • Incentives
    Chris Carrick
    Note: The information contained in this presentation may not be accurate as NYSERDA program incentives and requirements are subject to change at any time. Please refer to the NYSERDA website at www.nyserda.org for the most current information.
  • Green Innovations
    Linda Dickerson Hartsock
  • Green Jobs
    Art Hamlin
  • Energy Efficiency
    James Stapleton