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Gateway Center Event Space

Special Events Coordinator

  • Lauren Gibbs
    Special Events Coordinator
    (315) 470-6889/6589

The Office of Physical Plant & Facilities schedules the Gateway Center Event Space, and provides equipment and services to help you plan your special event.

Overview of Gateway Center Scheduling

May & June Priority Scheduling Period

During this period, the calendar is reserved for scheduling of the College’s “pillar events” that will occur during the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters. Events considered “pillar events” have been pre-determined by the Campus Administration, and include special events hosted annually by the ESF academic departments.

July - April Open Scheduling Period

Once the “pillar events” have been scheduled, the calendar opens to all other event requests.

Each event request is reviewed individually by the Special Events Coordinator and the Vice President for Administration, and is determined to be either ESF-affiliated, or non-ESF affiliated. Any event that includes a majority of non-ESF attendees will likely be considered a non-ESF affiliated event, regardless of who submits the event request. Non-ESF affiliated event requests will be reviewed individually to determine applicable costs and requirements.

Setup/Equipment requests must be submitted to the Physical Plant office at least 10 business days in advance of the event date.


Gateway Use by ESF Students, Faculty and Staff

Event requests for the Gateway Center Event Space should be submitted through ESF Spaces, the College’s online room reservation system.

Important Notes for Students

  • Event requests by student organizations require special permission from Laura Crandall, the Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, in the Office of Student Affairs.
  • The advisor of the student organization is required to be present during the event (for the entire duration of event) for ALL events that will occur after normal business hours.

Gateway Use by Entities Unaffiliated with ESF

Event organizers should submit a complete Application for Use of College Facilities package to the Special Events Coordinator to request holding an event on the ESF campus.

NOTE: the complete package must be received at least 60 days prior to the event date to be considered.

Each event request is reviewed individually to determine what fees will be applicable, and/or what support services will be required. For specific information on potential charges, see:

Upon request, the Special Events Coordinator can provide a cost estimate for your specific event request.

Event Space Setups, Capacities, and Equipment

The available room configurations, setup options, and capacities vary greatly depending on the size of attendance and the style of setup. The following items are available at the event space, but specific setup configurations should be discussed directly with the Special Events Coordinator.

Gateway Room Configurations and Setup Capacities

Available Equipment

  • Round Tables (60” in diameter), with up to 8 chairs at each
  • Rectangular Tables (30” x 72”), which fit 3 chairs on one side
  • Rectangular Tables (18” x 96”), which fit 4 chairs on one side
  • Rectangular Tables (18” x 72”), which fit 3 chairs on one side
  • 375 Chairs
  • Stage(s)
  • Podium(s)
  • Wooden Easels
  • Foam Poster Boards (48” x 96”)
  • Wooden Stands for Poster Boards
  • Rolling Display Boards (48” x 72”), magnetic whiteboard on one side / corkboard on other side

Other Items to Consider When Planning your Event at the Gateway Center

  • Catering
    Any licensed catering service or restaurant may provide catering to your event. Homemade or home-prepared food of any kind is prohibited from being served at on campus events. There is a catering kitchen adjacent to the event space that may be used as a caterer staging/preparation area (it is not permitted for cooking food).
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    Prior approval from the Vice President for Administration is required for ALL events that wish to serve alcohol at an on campus event. An Application for Permission to Use, Serve, and Distribute Alcoholic Beverages (Alcohol Request Form) must be submitted by the sponsoring organization/department/entity for each event at least six weeks prior to the event.

    NOTE: Be sure you adhere to campus policies, including: Alcohol Use Distribution Policy, and Alcohol and Other Drug Use Policy.
  • Parking Arrangements
    Parking is always limited, and may incur additional fees. ESF-affiliated events should discuss their parking needs directly with the University Police Department. The Special Events Coordinator will make parking arrangements for non-ESF affiliated events.
  • Presentation Technology & Audio/Visual Equipment
    The standard equipment that you will find in the Gateway Center event space includes: projector/screen, podium with wired microphone, HDMI and VGA laptop connection cables, and a wired internet connection cable. For any other A/V request, contact the ESF ITS department directly. The Special Events Coordinator will make all necessary arrangements for non-ESF affiliated events.