Campus Mailroom Services

Mailroom and Shipping/Recieving Staff

Please call the mailroom staff for assistance in finding the quickest and most cost effective mailing options.

  • General Number Ext. 6704
  • Supervisor (to be determined) Ext. 6940

Federal Express and UPS shipping are handled by the Shipping & Receiving Department. Luke Irwin Ext. 6582

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday – 7:45 AM - 4:15 PM


The mailroom is located in the main Physical Plant & Facilities building on the lower level.

Services Offered

Incoming mail delivery and outgoing mail pick up:

Morning: 10:30 AM - NOON Delivery and pick-up to the entire Campus.

Afternoon: 2:15 PM - Pick-up only for small amounts of date-sensitive mail
Bray Hall - Room 101 (Cashier’s Office)

Outgoing mail received by 2:45 PM will go to the United States Post Office that day. Outgoing mail received after 2:45 PM will go with the next day’s mail.

NOTE: Please inform the mailroom when your office is closed to make arrangements for mail delivery and pick up.

Incoming Mail

When opening mail delivered to your specific office, please take a moment to confirm that the piece of mail has been delivered to the correct address before opening. Despite our best efforts, occasionally a piece of mail is misdirected. As a courtesy, if you inadvertently open mail that is misdirected, please put a note on it from you notifying the department who it belongs to.

Outgoing Mail

  • Do not Hand Write Addresses. Envelopes addressed this way cannot be sent presort, resulting in higher mailing cost.
  • Use an OCR readable font; helvetica and univers fonts are acceptable. Courier and times roman fonts are not acceptable. Use a 1-12 point size per inch. Please contact the mailroom if you have a question.
  • All outgoing mail must have the department name or individual’s name as part of the return address.
  • Double check your address and zip code for accuracy.
  • As a courtesy, the mailroom will pick up small amounts of stamped personal mail under 1 lb. Due to US postal regulations, personal mail over 1 lb. cannot be picked up.
  • Brown Kraft envelopes; sizes 6x9, 9x12, 10x13, 12x15, must be sealed prior to reaching the mailroom.
  • Please put tape over staples used on heavy envelopes.

Bulk Mailing Assistance

  • Please inform the mailroom of large mailings. The staff will bring extra bins to pick up the mail.
  • When designing postcards for mailings, do not use shiny stock paper, the postage meter ink will not adhere to this type of paper. Contact the mailroom staff for assistance with other mailings.
  • #10 business white envelopes, plain or with windows can be sealed in the mailroom. Please leave the flaps down.

International Mail Service

M-Bag Mailing (overseas mail)
DHL- and Global Priority Mail

  • Airmail should be addressed in English with the country of destination clearly written.
  • All international mail over 1lb. requires contents and value indicated.

Overnight Express Mail

Domestic and International Please provide your department name and an account number when you request Overnight Express.

Certified and Registered Mail

Provide department name on the envelope in pencil for Certified and Registered mailings. Sticky & taped notes fall off.

Insured Mail

Please include your department name and the insured amount for insured mailings.

Signature Confirmation

The Mailroom will sign for incoming Certified and Registered mail.

Sample Envelope

Sample envelope diagram.

Physical Plant Links

Mailing Address:
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210
Phone: (315) 470-6588
FAX: (315) 470-6957

Shipping Address:
307 Stadium Place
Syracuse, NY 13210

Office Hours:
M-F, 8am-4:30pm
(4pm in summer)

Contact Physical Plant & Facilities, 470-6588 (After hours contact University Police, 470-6666)


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