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Charter & Mission

College-wide Personal Safety/Campus Security Committee

General Purpose

In accordance with New York State Education Law Section 6450,
Paragraph 4, the College shall have an advisory committee on campus security. In this regard, the College-wide Personal Safety Committee (CPSC) shall have specific advisory responsibility for matters of personal safety at ESF.

Specific Purpose

  1. To conduct on-going assessment of the quality of personal safety policies, practices, procedures and programs through the use of surveys, examination of critical incidents and crime statistics provided by the Department of University Police.
  2. To review and recommend improvements in safety education programs to ensure appropriate focus on the issues of personal safety.
  3. To review and recommend improvements to campus preventive and judicial policies on sexual assault. Such review will include an assessment of the availability of counseling services for victims and a review of the victim referral procedures and campus response protocols for sexual assault situations.
  4. To prepare an annual report to be submitted to the Vice President for Administration for incorporation into a safety report to be forwarded to SUNY.

Committee Membership

The CPSC membership will include a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve members to be drawn equally from faculty, students and staff. At least half of each category shall be female.

Committee Operations

The CPSC will hold no fewer than four (4) meetings each year. The CPSC may accept appropriate assignments delegated by the Vice President for Administration. The CPSC may meet, vote and make non-binding recommendations on issues of a non-emergent and/or emergent nature. The CPSC will also have the capacity to endorse proposals and support other actions, consistent with its charge.

All recommendations will be submitted to the Vice President for Administration. The Vice President will review all such items and will make appropriate response to the CPSC.