e s f letters
e s f letters

Help Build the Environmental Information Series!

The Faculty Governance Committee on Public Service and Outreach is working to increase the number of titles available in SUNY-ESF’s Environmental Information Series, www.esf.edu/pubprog.

Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contribute a topical, educational essay to the series.

Criteria for submission:

  • Content:
    • Focus on basics of organisms and processes
    • Must be suitable for a lay audience
  • Need descriptive, user-friendly, Google-friendly title
  • Key Words to facilitate search engines
  • Length: 500 - 1000 words preferred
  • Content: overview of subject matter for lay audience
  • Photos/graphics required
  • Recommended readings
  • Credits (prepared by . . .)

Submissions should be sent to Claire Dunn at cbdunn@esf.edu or delivered to News and Publications, 122 Bray Hall, as a Microsoft Word document.

Please look at current EIS articles for comparison.