Ordering Transcripts

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act requires that the release of a transcript to any party be accompanied by a written request from the student/former student. To request a copy of your transcript the following information is required:

Your name
Your social security number
Dates you attended ESF
Where you would like the transcript sent
Your handwritten signature

For your convenience we have a transcript request form online in a Adobe Acrobat format. Download here (PDF).

Send your request to:

Registrar's Office, SUNY-ESF
1 Forestry Drive
Syracuse, NY 13210

There is no longer a charge for transcripts. A maximum of three transcripts may be sent to students or alumni at their home address at any one time.

We will accept faxed requests for transcripts as well as e-mails containing scanned requests for transcripts. The information listed above must accompany a faxed or e-mailed request, and please make sure the document you send has your handwritten signature.

If you have any questions about your transcript please contact: Rachel Cullivan (315) 470-6655. Registrar's Office FAX number is (315) 470-6656. Registrar's e-mail address is

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