New Awards—November 2010



Gibbs, JP (PI), EFB

Understanding Interactions Among Three Globally Endangered Species - The Waved Albatross, Giant Tortoise, and the Giant Tree Catus to Inform Conservation Management of Espanola Island, Galapagos

National Geographic Society

$ 21,500


Leopold, DJ (PI), EFB and Farrell, JM (Co-PI), EFB

Review of Honeywell Onondaga Lake Shoreline Restoration Projects

Honeywell International Incorporated

$ 11,790


McNulty, SA (PI), AEC

Effect of Variable Mast Production on American Black Bear Reproduction and Bear-Human Conflict in the Central Adirondack Mountains

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 60,607


Smith, J (PI), SCME and Driscoll, MS (Co-PI)

Radiation Cured Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority

$ 75,000


Stipanovic, AJ (PI), Chemistry

Upgrade of a 600 MHZ NMR Spectrometer at SUNY-ESF

National Science Foundation

$ 399,000


Teale, SA (PI), EFB

Development of Chemical Attractants and Improved Trap Designs to Facilitate Detection of Exotic Cerambycidae

Regents of the University of California, Riverside

$ 29,268


Volk, TA (PI), FNRM

Regionally Specific Carbon Cycling, Environmental and Rural Economic Impacts of Collecting and Processing Woody Feedstocks into Biofuels

Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM)

$ 80,000

Webster, FX (PI), Chemistry

Identification of Psyllid Attractants and Development of Highly Effective Trapping and Attract-and-Kill Methods for Improved Psyllid Control

University of Florida

$ 56,105