New AwardsóApril 2011

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Cohen, J (PI), EFB

Population Viability Analysis for Florida Snowy Plovers

US Fish and Wildlife Service

$ 20,000


Farrell, JM (PI), EFB

Development and Management of St. Lawrence River Fisheries

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 82,177


Gibbs, JP (PI), EFB

Restoration of Pinta Island through Re-introduction of Giant Tortoises: Phase I Post-release Tortoise and Plant Community Monitoring

Galapagos Conservancy

$ 25,540


Hai, P (PI), AEC

Northern Forest Institute for Conservation Education and Leadership Training

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 62,500


Limburg, KE (PI), EFB

Hudson River American Shad Recovery Plan

River Keeper Incorporated

$ 40,000


Liu, S (PI), PBE

Utilization of Wood Extracts and Aspen Wood Pulps

Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Incorporated

$ 150,000


Newman, L (PI), EFB

Nanoparticle Contamination of Agricultural Crop Species

Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

$ 381,026


Shannon, SS (PI), LA

New York State Fairgrounds Green Infrastructure Colonnade and Restaurant Row

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

$ 20,290


Spuches, CM (PI), Outreach

Awareness, Understanding, Action: Mitigating Stormwater Pollution in Syracuse

Syracuse University

$ 49,937


Yanai, RD (PI), FNRM & Mitchell, MJ (Co-PI), EFB

Long-Term Ecological Research at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

Cornell University

$ 330,000