New Awards—November 2012 

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Gibbs, J (PI), EFB and Mountrakis, GE (Co-PI), ERE

Engaging Climber-Scientists and Indigenous Herders to Address Grazing, Poaching, and Climate Change Issues in Altai, Russia

Engility Corporation

$ 99,655


Leopold, DJ (PI), EFB and Gibbs, J (Co-PI), EFB

Restoring Critical Habitat, Mitigating Multiple Treats, and Evaluting Population Statuses for Bog Turtle, Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, and Houghton's Goldenrod Co-Occuring in a single, Exceptional, Marl Fen Ecosystem, Bergen Swamp

US Fish and Wildlife Service

$ 128,064


Volk, TA (PI), FNRM and Abrahamson, LP (Co-PI), EFB and Parker, AW (Co-PI), ES and Selfa, T (Co-PI), ES

Northeast Woody/Warm Season Biomass Consortium

Pennsylvania State University

$ 28,377