New Awards—February 2013

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Boyer, GL (PI); CHE

CREATIV: Collaborative Research: An Ecologically-Driven Strategy for Ensuring Sustainability of Anthropogenically and Climatically Impacted Lakes

University of Tennessee

$ 12,500


Boyer, GL (PI), CHE

Implementation of 2012 GLOS Nearshore Observing Network

University of Michigan

$ 138,400


Powell, WA (PI), EFB and Maynard, CA (Co-PI) FNRM

Forest Health Initiative Grant - Phase II: Base Funding Level - Transgenic American Chestnut

United States Endowment for Forestry and Communities Incorporated

$ 21,250


Selfa, T (PI); ES

OISE-PIRE: Sustainability, Ecosystem Services, and Bioenergy Development across the Americas

Michigan Technological University

$ 258,717


Stehman, SV (PI), FNRM

Advancing Methods for Global Crop Area Estimation

University of Maryland

$ 41,843


Turner, JS (PI), EFB

Swarm Intelligence to Living Buildings: Novel Concepts of Managing Internal Climates

Human Frontier Science Program Organization

$ 303,093