New AwardsóJune 2013

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Boyer, GL (PI), CHE

Analytical Support for the Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program (CSLAP) 2013

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 10,000


Bujanovic, B (PI), PBE

Analysis of Selected Lignin Samples and Yields of Oxidation Products

Iii Consulting LLC

$ 3,566


Cohen, J (PI), EFB

Wildlife Road Mortality Estimation at Gulf Islands National Seashore

National Park Service

$ 30,000


Endreny, TA (PI), ERE

Sustainable Mianus River Watershed Management Plans Developed with Community-Based i-Tree Hydro Modeling

Mianus River Gorge Preserve

$ 15,000


Evans, DJ (PI), NHP

Long Island Invasive Species Management Area PRISM

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 32,029


Evans, DJ (PI), NHP

Vegetation Association/Ecological Community Map - Kohler Environmental Center

Choate Rosemary Hall

$ 14,088


Fierke, M (PI), EFB

SUNY ESF's Bike Sharing Library

Gifford Foundation

$ 750


Frair, J (PI), EFB

Population Persistence of Jaguar (Panthera Onca) in the Brazilian Pantanal

Panthera Corporation

$ 8,860


Hassett, JP (PI), CHE

Innovative Water Quality Monitor for Taste and Odor Issues

OBrien and Gere Engineers

$ 24,857


Howard, TG (PI), NHP and Evans, DJ (Co-PI), NHP

Spatially Prioritizing Conservation Investments in NYS: A Decision Support Toolkit for Climate Adaptation

Nature Conservancy



Limburg, KE (PI), EFB

Assessing Silver Eels in the Hudson River Tributaries

Hudson River Foundation

$ 38,555


Nomura, CT (PI), CHE

SusChEM: Engineering E. Coli for Improved Production of Polyhydroxyalkanuate (PHA)-Based Biodegradable Plastics

National Science Foundation

$ 500,000


Schlesinger, MD (PI), NHP; Evans, DJ (Co-PI), NHP and Howard, TG (Co-PI), NHP

Identifying Areas of Conservation Importance for Whales in the New York Bight

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

$ 19,359


Vidon, P (PI), NFRM

Greenhouse Gas Production as Pollution Trade-Offs in New York Wetland and Source Waters Streams

Cornell University

$ 19,998