New AwardsóDecember 2013

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Beier, C (PI), AEC

Social and Economic Impacts of the Acidification and Potential Recovery of Adirondack Ecosystems

NYS Energy Research and Development Authority

$ 18,970


Doelle, K (PI), PBE

Water Treatment and Remediation Using a Bioreactor

United States Golf Association

$ 29,997 Year 1 ($ 59,994 Total)


Liu, S (PI), PBE

Developing a Sustainable Bioenergy System: Paulownia Production for Fuel, Chemicals and Materials

Fort Valley State University†

$ 89,937


Teale, SA (PI), EFB

Identification of Semiochemicals of Philornis Downsi in the Galapagos Islands

International Community Foundation

$ 85,061