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New Awards—March 2014

Beier, C (PI), AEC
Establishment of a New York Climate Change Science Clearinghouse
Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management Inc
$ 47,722 (Year 1 partial)

Howard, TG (PI), NHP and Evans, DJ (Co-PI), NHP
New Data and Tools to Improve Energy Siting for Biodiversity Conservation
Nature Conservancy
$ 35,556 (Year 1 partial)

Limburg, KE (PI), EFB
Determining if Eye Lenses Can be Used to Understand the Origin and Life History of Adult Lamprey
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
$ 10,000

Newman, DH (PI), FNRM
Land Acquisition Data Coordination
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
$ 23,465.00 (Year 1 partial)

Ramarao, BV (PI), PBE
Exploring Assessment of 3D Nanostructure and Topochemical Distributions of Lignocellulosic Biomass and Their Impact on Biomass Pretreatment
National Science Foundation
$ 24,986

Schlesinger, MD (PI), NHP and Evans, DJ (Co-PI), NHP
Maintaining the Accuracy of Biodiversity Information for Conservation
JP Morgan Chase and Company
$ 150,000

Schlesinger, MD (PI), NHP; Evans, DJ (Co-PI), NHP and Gibbs, J (Co-PI), EFB
Distribution and Conservation Status of the Newly Described Species of Leopard Frog in the Coastal Northeast
Wildlife Management Institute Incorporated
$ 99,764

Winter, WT (PI), CHE
Eighth Annual Eastman Chemical Graduate Student Research Award Competition
Eastman Chemical Company
$ 3,300