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Effort Reporting at ESF


The Research Foundation for SUNY uses an online effort reporting tool—Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (eCRT)—eliminating the need for signing paper copies of your effort statement.

The benefits of this tool include:

    • No paper forms to sign and route

    • Just a few clicks to complete your effort certification

    • View even more information about your effort and sponsored awards:

      • Detailed payroll transactions

      • The dollar amounts behind the effort percentages

      • Staff charging effort to your awards

      • The amount of effort you committed to each award

  • Access your information anytime and anywhere you have Internet access—mobile devices too!


    eCRT Login Page


Please review the training materials below to learn more about eCRT:


Effort Reporting Guidance Documents

Overview of Effort Reporting Process

Introduction to the Effort Reporting Electronic Tool

How To Certify My Effort Statement

How To Certify the Effort of My Staff

How to Certify the Effort of Multiple Staff


Effort Reporting Training Videos

Introduction to the Effort Reporting Electronic Tool (approximately 12 minutes)

Certify My Effort Simulation (approximately 4 minutes)

Certify My Effort and the Effort of My Staff Simulation (approximately 6 minutes)


How-To Access eCRT

You will receive an email from eCRT indicating that you have an effort statement requiring certification.

Click the link at the bottom of the email: eCRT Login Page


Have Questions?

Please send an email to: Anne Riehlman Knapp at aknapp@esf.edu OR call 315-470-6682 and she will be happy to assist you.

Also refer to the FAQ for quick reference.


(Effort Reporting at ESF based on similar page from SUNY Binghamton)