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Construction Management laboratory facilities include a construction management computer laboratory/classroom, a building materials and light frame construction lab, and a composite materials lab. Additional laboratories that support instruction and research include the wood protection lab, wood identification lab, moisture research lab, and dry kiln. The construction management computer lab has instructional software for estimating, scheduling, project management, building information modeling, wood engineering design, computer aided design and drafting, and finite element analysis.

IAS symbolThe Wood Products Engineering Laboratory (WPEL) is certified by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). The Wood Products Engineering Laboratory (WPEL) houses a wide range of testing equipment , electronic data acquisition facilities, and wood processing facilities including a dry kiln, wood preservation equipment, a new wood machining laboratory, sawmill, and expanded facilities for building materials research for green construction.

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The C.J.K. Wang Wood Biodegradation Laboratory includes mycology culturing facilities and a modern molecular analysis laboratory; research microscopes, image analysis system and wood microtechnique equipment.

Institutes and Centers

N.C. Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies

A complete microscopy and image analysis laboratory is provided by the N.C. Brown Center for Ultrastructure Studies. This equipment includes a transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscopes with energy dispersive x-ray analysis and particulate analysis accessories, and a wide variety of light microscopes equipped with image enhancement and various video image analysis capabilities. Graduate students from ESF as well as SU have access to coursework in microscopy which provides access to the microscopy equipment for their research projects. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to gather expert advice from the staff of the Ultrastructure Center on tissue preparation and interpretation as well counsel on the most recent research approaches utilizing microscopy. Graduate students in SCME using this equipment have the best available systems to relate the macroscopic behavior of wood to its anatomical characteristics.

Tropical Timber Information Center

One of the largest wood collections in the world, the H. P. Brown Memorial Wood Collection, is used to support the graduate research program of the Tropical Timber Information Center. The center also maintains the Carl deZeeuw Memorial Library.

Wood Utilization Service

The Wood Utilization Service is the oldest public service and demonstration effort of the College of Environmental Science and Forestry. It was established in 1913 to carry out activities which facilitate and encourage the most efficient processing, manufacture, marketing and use of wood, the premier renewable, sustainable, economical and environmentally beneficial construction, building, and manufacturing material. Services provided include advising, answering questions, consulting, testing, demonstrations and use of ESF's unique wood processing and testing facilities.

The Renewable Materials Institute conducts research in the broad area of sustainable development of wood resources and the uses of wood products.


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