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Spotlight on Student Research & Outreach

2009 Spotlight
April 13th, 2009
Nifkin Alumni Lounge

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making this year's Spotlight on Student Research, held April 13, 2009, so successful.

First, thank you to all the students for their impressive research and poster presentations! We again featured a competition where the undergraduate posters were judged and prizes given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

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Congratulations to our undergraduate poster winners:

1st Place ($200) Allison Oakes. Department of Environmental and Forest Biology. "Optimized Fertilization of American Chestnut"

2nd Place ($125) Jordan Brown. Department of Environmental and Forest Biology. "Plant Community and Microclimate Change Across Forest Edges Created by Clear-cutting"

3rd Place ($75) Mabel Gutliph. Department of Environmental Resources and Forest Engineering. "Constraints on Titan's Methane Cycle Derived from Fluid Flow and Sediment Transport Calculations"

There are many other people to thank!

Justin Culkowski and the Alumni Office for their work in finding volunteer judges, and for the funding to support the student awards.

Our panel of Alumni Judges who had the monumental task of evaluating so many high quality posters: Ed Basta, Michael Chappell, Diane Enders, Justina Fedorchuk, Anna Fernandez, Kelli Ramer, Sara Stebbins and Andy Tanquay.

Paul Otteson, Aaron Knight and Linda Galloway, for their work on the web-based abstract submission, Spotlight web site and compilation of the abstracts into a PDF file for downloading of the Spotlight site.

Special thanks to ITS (Moon) and Computer and Network Services (Baker) for printing out all those posters. A special thanks to Christopher Baycura and Ross Jacobs for their workshops on large format printing and poster design; returning judges specifically commented on the high quality of design this year!

Dr. Charley Driscoll, University Professor of Environmental Systems and Engineering, Syracuse University, also needs to be thanked for his keynote address, "Are you mad as a hatter:: mercury emissions to the atmosphere and ecological effects."

The Committee on Research the Office of Research Programs for all the behind the scenes organization that goes on for the Spotlight event.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the individuals who made this such a successful event.


Thomas R. Horton, Chair COR
Neil H. Ringler, Vice Provost for Research
The Committee on Research