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Breaking Through Series

First started in February 2015, the 'Breaking Through Series' features a variety of dialogues, panel discussions and showcases to explore current pop-culture topics. The program will provide students and members of the ESF community the opportunity to process and share ideas with their peers in a supportive way.

This academic year's slate is as follows:

Fall 2016

  • September 24, 7-9pm in Nifkin
    • 'Viva La Musica; A Night of Latin Music and Dance
  • September 27, 3:30-4:30pm in Gateway Center Room C
    • There's More to My Story - Faculty/Staff Edition with Don McPherson
  • October 10, All Day Event
  • October 21, 2:30-3:30pm in 110 Moon
    • 'Breaking Through: Venezuela; A country in Crisis
  • November 4, 3-5pm in Gateway Event Center Room A/B
    • 'Breaking Through: Finding Common Ground-A Discussion on Privilege and Identity in America
      • Joint program with our office and Syracuse University Office of Multicultural Affairs

Spring 2017

  • February 9
    • 'Breaking Through: Those Whom No One Knows' - intersectionality & Conception of Race
      • Joint program with our office and ESF Department of Environmental Studies
  • February 9, 6-8pm in Marshall Auditorium
    • "Race: The Jesse Owens Story" movie screening
  • March 20-24, 10am-2pm in Gateway
    • Vera House White Ribbon Campaign
  • April 6, 11am-12:20pm in Gateway Event Center Room A/B
    • 'Breaking Through: Africa's Blood Diamonds'
  • April 27, 11am-12:20pm in Marshall Auditorium
    • 'Breaking Through: Being Underrepresented at ESF'

For questions or discussion topic ideas, contact our Director, Scott Blair, at sblair@esf.edu