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As an institution of higher education, SUNY-ESF is committed to the highest standards of integrity. You are a student here because you have demonstrated an intellectual capacity and a commitment to contribute to society's knowledge base. At ESF, you are afforded many unique opportunities to engage in research and scholarship that will ultimately help to realize ESF's vision of "a better world through environmental discovery."

The foundation of scholarship in all academic disciplines is honesty. At ESF, it is expected that you will pursue your educational aspirations with passion and integrity, honestly completing each assignment, every problem, and all exams and papers.

Please understand that the College's commitment to academic integrity is steadfast and clear. Many students transfer to ESF from institutions that may not have clearly communicated expectations while other students join us from abroad who are studying in the United States for the first time. Expectations and practices vary. For that reason, we have developed this handbook to ensure that all members of the ESF community understand our high standards and to serve as a resource to facilitate student success.

(taken from ESF Academic Integrity Policy, Fall, 2008)

Coordinator of Student Conduct, Anthony Chefalo, is available to assist with all aspects of our ESF academic integrity policy.

Anthony Chefalo
Coordinator of Student Conduct

Office of Student Affairs
110 Bray Hall


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