Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Letters of Intent - Fall 2016

First-Year Class Chair

One Candidate: Taylor Kibling
One Winner

Taylor Kibling

Hi, my name is Taylor Kibling and I am running for freshman class chair. I really want to get involved in ESF and want to represent my class in the Undergraduate Student Association! Its very important to make sure the school hears our voice. We have to be here for the next four (or five, I see you LA) years of our lives. So weather I am the class chair or not, I strongly believe we need someone who is willing to stand their ground and make our voices heard on campus.

So now is the part where I prove I'm a good fit, I have lead multiple organizations at the high school level including National organizations such as National Technical Honor Society and Technical Student Association, I have planned successful fundraising events, and have spent over 300 hours of my high school life giving back to my community. I have met so may wonderful, kind, passionate people at this school and it would really be a huge honor to represent them!

Also I'm studying Sustainable Energy Management.

Thank you!

First-Year Class Senator

One Candidate: Jessica Cobb
One Winner

Jessica Cobb


My name is Jessica Cobb, and I am a first year student here at ESF. I am currently an Environmental Health Major, and plan to have a focus in food safety. I would like to be actively involved in USA for my next four years here, and I would like to be a first year class senator. I would enjoy helping to organize events which would unify my class, and be an integral part of the community. The reason that I chose this college was the welcoming students and faculty, and I would love to be part of the reason why future students feel compelled to attend ESF. During high school, I was actively involved in many extracurricular activities, such as DECA, Red Cross Club (where I helped start the club and was vice president of it for 1 year), FRC Robotics (4 year safety captain and was actively involved in fundraising as well as building), Math Team (many local volunteer opportunities, Dance Team, in addition to having a part time job and taking dance classes 4 days a week. With the upcoming year, I strive to have effective time management in order to be able to maintain my position on USA. I want to be a part of volunteer activities, as well as organizing new activities. Ideally, I will be joining an SU Dance Team in addition to USA, and am already signed up for Stumpies Making Strides.

I’m looking forward to learning more about this organization, and being able to help out as much as I can.

Thank you,

Jessica Cobb

Sophomore Class Senators (TWO)

Two Candidates: Cole Jermyn and Albert Park
Two Winners

Cole Jermyn

To whom it may concern:

I intend to run for the position of sophomore class representative in the Undergraduate Student Association at ESF. I am a sophomore in ERE with a minor in economics. I believe I would be a good fit for the position because I am currently on the ERE undergraduate council, which serves to better facilitate communication between the students and faculty within the department. I feel I can continue this effort to increase communication and improve our campus community through this position.

Cole Jermyn Class of 2019

Albert Park

Letter of Intent: Undergraduate Student Association

Name: Albert Park

Major: Environmental Resources Engineering

Grade: Class of 2019

Position: Sophomore Senator

Why I would make a good sophomore senator?

The reason I would make an excellent senator is because I enjoy being involved and active in student government. I was an active member in my high school student government association and would like to use my experience to help U.S.A better our academic community. Overall my biggest reasoning for becoming sophomore senator is to devote my time and energy for the betterment of my peers.

Junior Class Senators (TWO)

Two Candidate: Michael Greener and Billie Li
Two Winner

Michael Greener

Hello, my name is Michael Greener, and I am junior majoring in Environmental Biology. I am running for junior class senator. I love ESF and I want to improve the community of learning, campus involvement, and diversity and inclusion. I am dedicated, ambitious, caring, and I think I would be a great junior class senator. I want to listen to what the junior class has to say and help develop initiatives based on those conversations. Last year I was a sophomore class senator and I gained experience helping out with the sophomore class mixer and other activities on USA.

Thank you for your consideration,

Michael Greener

Billie Li

My name is Billie Li, Im a junior in ERE and applying to be a junior class senator. Today was my first meeting in USA but I think i could contribute a lot. I was a transfer last year but I have quickly acquainted myself with many juniors of different majors and friends groups at ESF. I think I would provide good representation of the junior class and contribute a unique voice.



Senior Class Chair

Two Candidates: Heather Carl and Nick Johnson
One Winner

Heather Carl

Dear Undergraduate Student Association,

I, Heather Carl, would like to run for the USA position of Senior Class Chairperson. I am a senior studying Natural Resources Management and feel that I would be a strong candidate for this position. I have been a member of the ESF Women’s Soccer Team for four years and as a second year captain, understand the importance of strong leadership. I was also head of the 2016 Earth Week Tie Dye Committee and organized volunteers and supplies for the event. These positions have taught me how to manage and coordinate people, finances, and resources to develop successful programs.

In the past, I have not been seriously involved in student government, but I wish to change that as I conclude my college career. This would give me the opportunity to become an active member of our campus community and interact more with the senior class and college faculty. Being personable, well organized, and enthusiastic about ESF adds to my strengths as a candidate. It would be an honor to represent the Class of 2017 as their Senior Class Chairperson.


Heather Carl

Nicholas Johnson

Dear ESF community,

My name is Nicholas Johnson and I am running to be your Senior Class Chair for 2017 and I am currently your Senior Class Senator and a member of the USA finance board! I am currently a student in Environmental Studies: Policy, Planning, and Law along with holding the position of former Junior Class Chair. I feel my current experiences within the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) will help us achieve the goals we as a class would like to accomplish before we graduate, such as diversifying clubs and organizations academically and activity-wise. I hope to hold this position because I believe in building a strong ESF community especially when many of us are in our last year as undergraduate students. This is an important year for us: we prepare to enter a whole new chapter of our lives, but we still have yet to leave a lasting impression of leadership and power as we leave this great institution. I hope to work together with the rest of our graduating seniors in May of 2017 to help leave a strong legacy here for the classes that follow us. Allow me to work with you and focus on being part of the voice for the senior class and our wishes for this school.


Nicholas Johnson

Senior Class Senator

One Candidate: Alivia Sheffield
One Winners

Alivia Sheffield

Hello! My name is Alivia Sheffield. I am currently a senior conservation biology student here at ESF. Although I get pretty into my school work, in my free time I enjoy hiking, birding, unicycling, kayaking and wood-burning. I am looking to run and be elected as one of your senior class senators for the Undergraduate Student Association!

I graduated with my associates in environmental science from Jamestown Community College in 2015. It was here that I got the majority of my leadership experience. There, I was first a senator and then president of our student government. In addition, I was vice-president of our Earth Awareness Club, Vice-president of FSA and a member of the sustainability committee. For the 2014-2015 academic year I was Director of Sustainability for the SUNY Student Assembly. The following year, I transferred here and decided to focus on the transition and my academics. After that year “off”, I am ready to get my hands back into student government and leadership. I am currently the chair of the sustainability committee on the SUNY Student Assembly.

I believe that my past leadership experience, as well as my passion for students and academics makes me a perfect fit for this position. I believe students voices are important and deserve to be heard. Student government is a powerful force, and I believe I can add to its potential. I hope to help seniors initiate change and leave SUNY ESF better than it was when we came here.

EFB Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Chloe Blaisdell
One Winner

Chloe Blaisdell

Who am I? Chloe Blaisdell- Junior in Conservation Biology

What position am I running for? EFB Curriculum Senator

Why am I running/Why would I be a good fit?

I would like the chance to hold this position because I would like to remain an active member of USA. Last year I was the Co-Coordinator of Special Events, which gave me a lot of experience with organization, communication, and planning. I am passionate about my major as well as the department I am in. This being said I would like to opportunity to create a comfortable environment where faculty and students can communicate effectively, as well as host an event that is relaxed and fosters great conversation. Thank you!

Environmental Science (ENS) Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Kate McGowan
One Winner

Katherine McGowan

Dear ESF community,

My name is Kate McGowan and I am running for the Environmental Science Curriculum Senator position for the 2016-2017 school year. I am currently a senior in Environmental Science with a concentration in Earth and Atmospheric Systems Science. I think that I am a suitable candidate for this position and possess the qualities that are needed to fulfill the duties. I have a great relationship with Ann Moore, the Senior Staff Assistant and advisor to first and second year students. I know it is important to have good communication to plan events and bring in new programming. I communicate regularly to learn what is going on in the department and have experience representing the department as a member of the Provost’s Student Advisory Council.

As a senior in Environmental Science I have attended many mixers and watched the program change over time, especially the 132 class. I think that I can bring new ideas to the table to continue to improve the department. I am eager to attend 132 classes and help in any way that I can. I always looked to the older students in the major for help when choosing classes and I hope to be that person for some of the newer students. I think that I am very approachable and friendly and I am able to work with other students, as well as other faculty.

I would like to run for this position because I have a lot of pride for my department and the diversity of programs we are involved in. I think that I can help the department and represent their interests in USA as well as help to keep an open line of communication for other news happening on campus. I would enjoy this opportunity to represent Environmental Science and help make it even better. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Katherine McGowan

Chemistry (FCH) Curriculum Senators

Two Candidates: Tia Ogus and Kennedy Riley
Two Winners

Tia Ogus

Tia Ogus
Letter of Intent
USA Elections
September 1, 2016

My name is Tia Ogus and I am running for Chemistry curriculum senator. I am a sophomore involved on the soccer team, Orange Pulse Dance Troupe, a member of Alpha Chi Sigma (a professional chemistry fraternity), and a student ambassador. I am a great fit for this position because I am friendly, open to different ideas, love being a leader for something important, and love working hard. I joined the chemistry department last semester, and it was one of the smartest moves I have ever made. To me, I feel it is important to have a say in what happens, not only at ESF, but the chemistry department specifically. I want to become more involved with my school because I always want to try to improve things. In my opinion, one cannot complain about different events that they do not like if they do not get involved. If I am elected to this position, I will try to improve connections and outreach with our faculty in the chemistry department.

Kennedy Riley

I am submitting this letter to show my intent on running for the position of FCH senator as a member of USA. I believe I am qualified for this position, because as a sophomore chemistry major at ESF, I have learned my way around the department and met many people. I am the Vice president of the alchemist society, as well as a member of the professional chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, on the SU campus.

As an already active member in the Chemistry community, I think I would be one of the people best suited to take on this role. I have no problem with being in constant contact with professors, or the head of our department, and I am a very, organized and efficient worker. Planning a department mixer would be fun, and excited for me, as I wish to get our chemistry majors out of their labs, and out socializing with the rest of the campus.


Kennedy Riley

FNRM Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Ryan Hicks
One Winner

Ryan Hicks

I hereby submit a letter of intent to the SUNY ESF Undergraduate Student Association to enter my name in the 2016 election for the Forest and Natural Resources Management Curriculum Senator position.

My motivation for involvement U.S.A. is based on a belief that there is always room for improvement and innovation. I believe I will be able to represent the student body at ESF, to identify areas within ESF’s curriculum and community where improvements can be made, and to work well with my peers and the SUNY ESF faculty associated with U.S.A and its proceedings.

The qualifications that make me a strong candidate for the FNRM Curriculum Senator position are my organization and ability to network efficiently, both with my peers and with faculty and staff at ESF, my drive to constantly work on improving my community, and my vision of an even brighter future for SUNY ESF. As Curriculum Senator my top priorities would be as follows:

● Meeting with FNRM faculty and students to discuss goals for the department

● Organizing events to bring these two groups together to share interests and spread ideas

● Consequently, represent the interests of every individual associated with the FNRM department

● Work with U.S.A & ESF’s other department senators to synthesize a cohesive campus action plan

○ Adapting current programs and creating new ones in order to meet ever­changing department priorities, developing organic means to spread ideas between the various departments, and creation of new events to promote professionalism on campus would be of top priority

As a sophomore, I realized my interest in leadership and policy. Upon discovering that ESF did not offer a policy minor I decided the best course of action would be to propose one. After gauging student interest, which was very high, compiling a list of appropriate courses offered at both ESF and SU, and writing a proposal outlining the importance of such a minor to the ESF community, the minor is now going through it’s final approval stages and being passed by the college. I believe this example highlights my strength in networking, drive, and vision, and I would be happy to work in this capacity as FNRM Curriculum Senator.

Sincerely, Ryan Patrick

Finance Board Member

One Candidate: Grace Leman
One Winner

Grace Leman

I am a freshman here and I am majoring in environmental studies. All throughout high school I was on student council and I was the treasurer of my class for my sophomore, junior and senior year. It was something that overall I really enjoyed doing and did well at and I would love to be able to continue that into my college career. I've only been at ESF for a few weeks but so far I love it here and I really want to be able to have a say and work with others to make things better for the students here. I also worked a lot with others to set up and run events such as join the winner, junior prom, prom and various fundraisers and I look forward to doing that as a part of USA as well. I love working with people and planning events and I do well with it. With my past experience with being treasurer and working with other to make my high school better I feel that this would be a good fit for me and I look forward to being a part of USA. Thank you so much


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