Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Letters of Intent - 2015-16

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USA Letters of Intent                                                                                                            Fall 2015

First-Year Class Chair
One Candidate: Michael Klaczko


My name is Michael Klaczko and I am a freshman in Chemistry, and I am currently running for the position of first year class chair. I am a commuter from Camillus, New York, and I have come to ESF to pursue my interest in the sciences and to facilitate my love for the environment. The diversity and generally open mindedness of the campus allows for the creation of a care free environment filled with the opportunity to learn about other people’s thoughts and ideas while also forming your own thoughts and ideas.

I would be a good fit for the position of first year class chair because I am a charismatic and ambitious individual that has an open mind and a big heart. I am very good at taking in people’s opinions and creating a joint opinion or decision on whatever is in question. I am understanding and sympathetic to other people and help to provide for the greater good of the group. I take whatever task is given to me and complete it to the best of my ability because I believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right. On top of this, I have had past experience leading groups and making joint decision for these groups. These factors, combined with my pride in ESF and my passion for change help to make me a good fit for this position.

Michael Klaczko

First-Year Class Senator
Two Candidates: Ethan Newman & Chris Ludlam

Hi, my name is Ethan Newman, and I am running for First-Year Class Senator. I think I’d be a great fit for the First-Year Class Senator position because I would really like to improve the relationship between student (specifically freshmen) and the school. I also want to be able to contribute to this great school by being a vocal member of the community and representing the values and opinions of my peers. I feel this way because I’ve been at ESF for all of four weeks now, and I feel like I’ve received so much love and attention from my fellow students and from the faculty. This really inspires me to try and make ESF as great as it could possibly be for all students. Generally speaking, I love making things run more efficiently and effectively, so hopefully I can help USA achieve that as a First-Year Class Senator!

Hi! My name is Chris Ludlam, and I would love to be the First-Year Class Senator for USA! I want to get involved with student life here at ESF, and this would be an excellent way for me to do so. By being the First-Year Class Senator, I hope to be able to help create a productive environment for other USA members. With my time management and organizational skills, I believe I have a lot to offer to the USA. I always make sure to stay on top of important projects, while creating the best environment for all involved. I also want to become an ESF student that truly embodies what it means to be a Mighty Oak. With all this in mind, I hope to soon be an active member in the USA community!

Sophomore Class Chair
One Candidate: Mark Frazier

Hi Mighty Oaks!

My name is Mark Frazier and I am a sophomore in Forest Resource Management at ESF. I am interested in running for the position of Sophomore Class Chair. Last year I was a First year Class senator and I learned a lot about working with other people and representing our class. I also went through the Emerging Leaders seminar here at ESF, as well as plenty of other leadership seminars through Boy Scouts while I was in High School. I really want this year (and the rest of our years) here at ESF to be awesome and I want you to let me represent our class so I can use my experiences from the past to help me effectively lead the sophomore’s representation at USA.

Mark Frazier

Sophomore Class Senator
Two Candidates: Michael Greener & Samantha McVey

Hello, I am Michael Greener. I am a sophomore with an Environmental Biology major and I am running for sophomore class senator. I love ESF and I want to help it become even better and improve the community of learning, campus involvement, and diversity and inclusion. I am dedicated, ambitious, caring, and hopefully well known, and I think I would be a great sophomore class senator. I want to listen to what you guys have to say and help develop the things you want to fix about ESF.

My name is Samantha McVey, and I am a second year student currently undergoing the Environmental Science major with the intent of going into law. I am running to be the second year Class Senator, and intend use that position to become a member of the judicial board. I believe that an individual that cares about the well-being of our students and being a bridge between faculty and students should fill this position. My background as a current upper-class RA for Centennial Hall gives me the on-going training required to understand the complexity that goes into conduct meetings, and allows me to vote intelligently on delicate issues, as well as to focus on what matters to the students of this class. I am dedicated to protecting the rights of my peers and their safety, and will serve my classmates as an active listener as well as participant of USA. I am passionate about issues of diversity, allowing students to have access to resources they need for their careers, and that our college experience is meaningful. I look forward to working with you all!

Senior Class Senator
One Candidate: Jordan C-Dealva-Lenik

To my fellow students at SUNY-ESF:

My name is Jordan C’Dealva-Lenik, and I am currently a senior majoring in Environmental Health and minoring in Chemistry. I would appreciate from the bottom of my heart if you considered me to be one of the five senior class senators representing the Class of 2016. As those who know me know, my schedules the last three years have not given me the opportunity to get involved in USA. I have always been interested in the future of ESF, and fortunately, I now have time to invest in USA.

During the last three years, I have been passionate about assisting students in classes and helping them reach their full potentials. I served as an undergraduate TA for General Biology 1 for two consecutive years, helping record numbers of students in workshops. I also served as an undergraduate workshop leader for General Chemistry 2 for one year, and co-led the large group tutoring session for Organic Chemistry 1 and 2 for the Academic Year 2014-2015. These opportunities have allowed me to continue to polish my communication and leadership skills, which are no doubt invaluable for any USA position.

I have also established some pretty good relationships with certain faculty members over the years, which has provided me with insights into changes going on and faculty concerns at ESF that are occurring under the radar. I, like some of these faculty members, am a firm believer of the need to foster better communication between faculty and students outside of class about the issues ESF faces.

There has been a lot of change at ESF since I entered as a freshman, which is natural. However, watching some of the changes that have been unfolding recently throughout the school has given me pause for concern. My close friends and other classmates have talked to me about these changes and their concerns as well. I would love to be a conduit to voice their concerns to USA.

I am a very diligent and persistent individual. You can be sure that I will stand up for what I believe is the right thing to do for current and future students of ESF. A hallmark of a healthy college environment is a transparent administration, which is something I believe we need to work on a bit. I think ESF should adapt part of the Haudenosaunee’s Great Law, the law of the seventh generation, and instead apply it to the seventh class of students yet to attend ESF (seven years down the line). For surely if we were to base all of our decisions on how they would benefit or impact that class seven years down the line, ESF as a whole would become more sustainable.

Thank you,

Jordan C’Dealva-Lenik

EFB Curriculum Senator
Two Candidates: Frank Bailey & Stephen Garney


My name is Frank Bailey. I am a senior majoring in Biotechnology and performing research in the Nomura Research Group. I would like to be an EFB curriculum senator because of my unique view of ESF. I am not going into an environmental field once I graduate; I am not even going to grad school for a masters or PhD. I am part of an early assurance program with SUNY Upstate Medical University to get my MD after my time at ESF. Due to my future plans I believe that I can provide insight that is usually overlooked for all the students who are at ESF because of its strength as a science school primarily, not because of its focus on the environment. This focus is still important, but I feel from the courses that I have taken and have been a TA for that often those students who are not going into careers relating to the environment are not able to get as much out of the curriculum as those that are, and I would like to improve this situation. Thank you,

Frank Bailey

I'm writing this "letter" as a formal gesture of my intent to run as the Curriculum Senator for the Environmental and Forest Biology department. I have been a student of the department for two years, and have developed close relationships with many faculty within the department. I also spent last year as the EFB Curriculum Senator, and worked with Terrance Caviness to develop a student-faculty mixer while successfullyfostering an atmosphere of networking and relationship-building. I would like to continue working in this position in order to expand the presence of EFB Curriculum Senators as voices for students within the department. I would also like to continue our success with creating effective and meaningful events for both students and faculty of the department.

Thank you,

Stephen Garney

ERE Curriculum Senator
One Candidate: Grace Belisle

I am interested in running for the position of one of the ERE Curriculum Senators for this upcoming Fall 2015 semester. If I were accepted to hold such position, I would do my best working with the department for the semesterly mixers and would happily make myself available to fulfill the position of a liaison between the student body and the department.

As ERE Curriculum Setanor I hope to represent the group of bright environmental engineers we have on this campus and to contribute to USA as an active and eager new member.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Grace Belisle

LA Curriculum Senator
One Candidate: Mark Tepper

I, Mark Tepper, and would like to run for Landscape Architecture Curriculum Senator. I am a junior in the landscape architecture department aspiring to be a licensed practitioner one day. As I have great relationships with the landscape architecture faculty and student body, I believe that I would be the best person for this position. I have good experience in event planning with past/current jobs as well planning for a charity event on campus this year. I have obtained professional skills in the work place of communications, public relations and networking which I believe will help me to be the best candidate for the job. I would like to further the relationship between the Undergraduate Student Association and Landscape Architecture Department to make the environment for students the best it can be.

Thank you for the consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Mark S. Tepper

Recurrent Programming Co-Chair
One Candidate: Megan Herbst

Hello, my name is Megan Herbst and I intend on running for Recurrent Programming Co-chair. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering. I would like to run for this position because I enjoy seeing new smiling faces around campus and by helping to plan these events I get to meet new students. Also, I am an outgoing and organized person which would help me succeed in this position.

Thank you for your consideration,
Megan Herbst

ESF/SU Liaison
One Candidate: James Longo

Dear ESF Student Body,

My name is James Longo and I am running for the SU/ESF liaison position for the Undergraduate Student Association. I am a sophomore in the Wildlife Science Program, and I am very interested fostering a more positive relationship between ESF and SU. I’m involved with SU in multiple ways, as I am a part of the SU Wrestling team and the SU Triathlon team, and I am currently petitioning for assembly representative in the SU Student Association, which I believe makes me uniquely qualified for this position.

The relationship between ESF and SU is a core part of the ESF Experience for so many students, so anything that I can do to help solidify the relationship between ESF and SU interests me. The multitude of resources that SU provides makes ESF complete for me, because although we are part of a small public school, we get all the benefits of our neighboring large private school. As liaison it will be my mission to promote and solidify the relation that ESF has with our sister institution Syracuse University.

Thank you,

James Longo



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