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SUNY Referendum Policy Vote on Student Activity Fee

During the 2004-2005 academic year, the SUNY Referendum Policy was established. Every two years on each SUNY campus, an all-student vote regarding the Student Activity Fee is held in conjunction with the annual elections for student government (USA). This vote establishes whether the Student Activity Fee will be a mandatory or voluntary one.

Since this policy was established, ESF students have voted for it to be a mandatory fee. The fee has automatically been added to student Bursar accounts, and has financed events such as TGs, Morning Munches, and Earth Week events as well as providing registered student organizations with financial support through allocations made by the USA Finance Board and through appropriate budget hearings.

Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Letters of Intent - 2014-15

1. President

PJ Connell

My fellow Mighty Oaks,

It is with humble hands that I type these words. For the past 11 months, I have had the distinct pleasure of serving as your student body President. It has been nothing short of amazing, and it is for that reason that I am writing this letter.

I would like to declare my intent to run for a second term as the President of the Undergraduate Student Association. In the past year I believe I’ve done the position proud, and I plan to only build upon my experience. In addition, I feel that having a two-term president would be a strategic move for the college. Traditionally, as I’ve experienced, the hardest part of the presidency is transitioning into the role. However, that difficulty would be removed if I were to be reelected. I’ve already done the transition, so I can hit the ground running.

Aside from my experience within USA, I have a multitude of experience elsewhere. I am currently serving as a Resident Assistant for the second year, and next year I will be moving up to a role as a Senior Resident Assistant. I am a junior majoring in Environmental Resources Engineering, which has allowed me to interact with a wide variety of college officials aside from the traditional college administrators.

I could write about my qualifications for pages, but I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’m sure you’ll click the right box when you vote.

The choice is before you and the decision is yours.



2. Vice President

Dominic Delaney

Undergraduate Student Association:

I am seeking the position of Vice President of the Undergraduate Student Association (USA). I am current junior majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Policy, Planning and Law with a minor in Environmental Writing and Rhetoric. I am actively involved in multiple student organizations within ESF. I am the Social Chairperson and newly elected President for the upcoming year for the Environmental Studies Student Organization (ESSO), Freshman Orientation Leader and Mentor. In addition to my campus involvement I work within the department of Environmental Forest Biology (EFB). My campus involvement provides me with the opportunity interact with a diverse range of students and helps me understand the needs and concerns of the campus as a whole.

I have been an active member of the Undergraduate Student Association for he last five semesters, serving as Class Senator for my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. After developing an understanding of the Association’s purpose and function, I feel that it is time for me run for an officer position in order for me to have meaningful and significant contributions to the organization and campus. To further development my knowledge of student governing bodies, I served a semester as the ESF Representative in the Syracuse University Student Assembly (SA). My past experience with USA and SA has provided me with better understanding of political agendas, meaningful debate, cooperation with various organizations, and the ability to communicate views and ideologies of underrepresented groups to key decision makers.

Obtaining this position would provide me with the opportunity to continue to improve the ESF campus for the student body. As Vice President I would diligently carry out the responsibilities outlined in Article 2 Section 3 of the USA bylaws, but also seek to exceed the written expectations. I would look to represent the ESF student body’s ethics, philosophies, and concerns when serving as the Vice President.

I believe as Vice President I can positively impact the ESF Undergraduate Student Association and the campus as a whole. I welcome any further contact to discuss my qualifications for the position.


Dominic Delaney

3. Treasurer

Greg Kronisch

Dear ESF Undergraduate,

I am Greg Kronisch, an Aquatics and Fisheries Science major in the class of 2015. Over the last three years, I have represented my graduating class as a senator in the Undergraduate Student Association.

This year, I am running for the position of Undergraduate Student Association Treasurer to pick up where JP Tucci, the Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 treasurer, has left off. I have spent the last year on the USA Finance Board working with JP to manage the association’s disbursements to clubs. If elected to the position, I will continue to work with JP to make sure the transition goes smoothly to prevent any confusion with on-campus organizations.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me Thank you for yourconsideration.


Greg Kronisch

4. Secretary

Katie Mott

Dear Students,

My name is Katie Mott and I am interested in holding the position of USA Secretary. I am currently a junior in the Environmental Resources Engineering Program. Over the past two semesters, I have served as a Junior Class Senator. After familiarizing myself with USA over the past year, I feel I am well equipped to take on the responsibilities and duties of USA Secretary.

I have earned high levels of responsibility through several sources of involvement on campus. I am a 2014 Head Orientation Leader, Rosen Fellow, Student Mentor, and President of ERE Club. I also take part in the SU Women’s Club Basketball Team and Engineering for a Sustainable Society. Currently, I am involved in research under Professor Doug Daley. In the past, I have a held a work-study position in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, completing tasks such as creating flyers and compiling survey results. Participating and holding leadership positions in a diverse selection of student organizations has allowed me to excel in organization, time management, communication, and overall being an effective student leader. I am a very dependable, so you can count on me to be there whenever you need me… or even when you don’t!

I appreciate your time and I strongly suggest for you to consider me for the position of USA Secretary. If chosen, I will make sure that students are appropriately informed and note taking is of the highest quality!

Peace and Blessings,

Katie Mott

5. Board of Trustees Student Representative - One Vote (vote for 1 of 3)

1 - Samantha Buzash

Hi campus!

My name is Sam Buzash and I am currently a junior in Environmental Studies, focused on Planning, Policy and Law. I am writing to express my interest in working on behalf of the ESF student body as the Board of Trustees representative. Some of the most significant things I am involved in on campus include being a member of the Undergraduate Student Association, serving as the curriculum senator for my major. I have been an Orientation Leader for the past two years and am very excited to be the Head Orientation Leader for 2014. I have been a mentor for the past two years and loved getting to know the incoming first year students. I have been working in the Academic Success Center for three years and currently hold the position of Peer Tutor Coordinator where I match students seeking tutees with appropriate tutors. For fun, in my vast amount of spare time, I swim for the Syracuse Club Team.

My interest in this position was sparked after I got involved in the Retention Committee, where I serve as the student representative among a variety of faculty and staff. I became extremely interested in some of the changes that have been happening on campus lately. I think it is important to have a student voice heard in all of the major decisions that are going to be made over the next few years and I would love to have the opportunity to represent the student body to the best of my ability. I am truly excited to have the chance to sit among the board of trustees and Provost.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully vote!

Have a wonderful day,

Samantha Buzash

2 - Aaron Fischer

Dear ESF Undergraduate,

My name is Aaron Fischer and I am currently a junior in the ERE department, planning to graduate in May of 2015. This letter is to express my interest in running for the position of the undergraduate representative to the Board of Trustees. I feel I will serve well in this position through my communications with various undergraduate groups as well as USA. Through this position, I hope to connect the student body to the administrative area of ESF in a mutually beneficial relationship. With conversations from previous representatives, I understand the role and responsibilities I ask to take part in.


Aaron Fischer

3 - W. Wyatt Wesner

Dear USA members,

My name is Wyatt Wesner, and I am interested in running for the Board of Trustees Representative in the Undergraduate Student Association.

I have been a Junior Class Senator for the past two semesters and have enjoyed being a part of the organization as well as being a part of the decision making process that enhances the quality of campus in a multitude of ways. I would like to contribute even more to the group and I believe being the Board of Trustees Rep. I can help maintain the bridge between USA and the ESF Board of Trustees. As the board is mainly composed to oversee, support, and help the development of the campus and the future of ESF I think it is an excellent position for me to take on.

Tom Ryan is now the current representative and I would like to sit down and chat so that I am fully aware of the responsibilities and time commitments that encompass the position if elected. I understand some of the responsibilities in regards to meetings with the Board and the College President but would like to fully understand the gravity that the position entails so that I can maximize my role in representing USA and the student body when necessary.

If there are any questions regarding any additional information that you have for me Joe, or anyone else in USA, please feel free to contact me at (315)-560-6711 or by email at

Thank you.


W. Wyatt Wesner

6. Programming Co-Chairs - Two Votes (vote for 2 of 3)

1 - Taylor Della Rocco

Dear Undergraduate Student Associations,

My name is Taylor Della Rocco, and I would like to run for Programing Co-chair for this coming year. I have been involved in USA since my freshmen year and sadly due to having other commitments during meeting times this year I have not been able to make it to many meetings. I try my best to make it to as many functions as possible and be involved as much as I can.

I believe that this would be a good position for me because I really like being involved in USA. I have been on the Spring Banquet and December Soirée committees for the last two years, and have gone to or participated in almost every Morning Munch and TGIF. I believe these activities give me a good background of knowledge of how the functions work and are run. I would love to have the position and work alongside with another wonderful ESF student who loves this school and community as much as I do.

Thank you,

Taylor Della Rocco

2 - Zachary Corey

Dear Undergraduate Student Association,

I am writing this letter as I have an interest in running for Programming Co-chair. I understand the duties and responsibilities of this position are coordinating TG’s, Morning Munches, an Ice Cream Social and the Spring Banquet; as well as budgeting for these events. As a Resident Assistant, I have experience with programming/budgeting and understand the work involved with such activates. This includes (1) advertisement, with word of mouth and posters that are eye catching, (2) reserving rooms and locations at specific times, (3) coordinating around other events on campus to get the greatest attendance, (4) planning food and beverage for the appropriate amount of people expected and (5) creating an overall positive, welcoming atmosphere.

Although this sounds good on paper, it is much easier said than done. With that mentioned, I am willing to put aside a reasonable amount of time to this position and stay involved in USA as much as possible in order to achieve the tasks mentioned above. I am not currently a part of USA and do not currently attend meetings. However I will be next week, co- representing Alchemist Society with Amber Unruh at the budget meeting.

I believe this is a great opportunity that would allow me to help students and faculty build connections and professional relationships. I believe in getting out as much as you put in and if accepted, I will effectively do my job.

Thank You,

Zachary Corey

3 - Erika Sykes

Hello! My name is Erika Sykes, I am currently a freshmen in the Paper Engineering program. As a freshman class senator, a member of SAPB, and a member of PBE Club, I would like to run for the programming co-chair position in USA.

In high school, I was president of the Leadership Experience Opportunity (LEO) Club. The position entailed coordinating different volunteer opportunities for the club and planning events. Also, being a part of SAPB has introduced a new knowledge of planning events on campus.

I believe I would be best for programming co-chair because of my prior experiences. Also, by being a part of other clubs I have had the opportunity to communicate with others and get to know many people in the ESF community. I am organized, an effective communicator, and a friendly person.

The events planned by the programming co-chairs are an important part of the ESF community. The TG’s are a way to present a more comfortable relationship between the faculty and students. Also, Morning Munches are a great way to start off many student’s days. I would love the opportunity to be a part of that experience and to be able to really engage myself in our ESF community!

Thank You! :)

7. Senior Class Chair (Only Class of 2015 may vote)

Teagan Dolan

Dear Students:

I, Teagan Dolan, am submitting this letter of intent to run for the Senior Class Chair position of SUNY-ESF’s Undergraduate Student Association. I am an Environmental Studies student with a focus on Policy, Planning, and Law. I have thus far served you in the capacity of Sophomore Class Senator and Junior Class Chair. I have enjoyed these positions immensely. I feel my performance greatly reflects this enthusiasm and I would like to take on the responsibility of continuing on as Senior Class Chair for the 2014-2015 year.

Outside of my participation in USA, I am very active on campus. I am a 2013 Rosen Fellow, 2015 Class Marshall, Orientation Leader, Student Mentor, member of the Women’s Soccer Team, and conduct a self-designed research project. These activities have provided me with a plethora of skills that will be useful for the Senior Class Chair position. I am driven, well-organized, responsible, friendly, and I work well with others. Most importantly, I love ESF! I think my breadth of involvement on this campus has provided me with the faculty connections, confidence, and excitement necessary to fulfill the duties of this position.

As Senior Class Chair, I will be humbled to work alongside the Senior Class Senators to plan the December Soiree, Spring Awards Banquet, Senior Class Mixer, and the Senior Gift to the best of my abilities.

I would be honored to serve as the USA Senior Class Chair for 2014-2015!

Thank you,

Teagan Dolan

8. Forest and Natural Resources Management (FNRM) Curriculum Senator

Don Grace

Dear ESF Undergraduate,

I am running for the position of curriculum senator for the Forest and Natural Resource Department for the under graduate student association. I should be considered as a quality candidate as I have a variety of experience.

I have a lot of experience in leadership positions and am continuing to learn how to become a better leader. Here on campus I was and will continue to be an Orientation leader which taught me how to lead people who didn’t necessarily know where they wanted to go. I am also the captain of the Syracuse lacrosse team, for this we have to make a budget, schedule events, and lead the team in a positive direction. I am currently the vice president of the forestry club where I have been instrumental in organizing the club, planning events, and conducting meetings. I have neen voted president for next year and look forward to that challenge. I was curriculum senator this past year and believe my experience would make me a strong candidate.

I am very interested in this position; one reason being the low enrollment in my major. The incoming class of freshman had not one student enrolled in my major and when I was a freshman I was one of two. I want to increase awareness on what my major is all about and educate students as to why I believe it’s so great. Also I believe my department is under represented due to a lack of involvement by many of our students, therefor I would like to voice their opinions. Lastly, I believe curriculum senators should have more of a role with faculty and I believe that I can make that happen.


Don Grace

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