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Letters of Intent/Interest

Senior Commencement Speaker Letters of Interest - May 2017

Jordan C'Dealva-Lenik

Jordan C'Dealva-Lenik: Jordan C'Dealva-Lenik is from West Hills, California (a neighborhood of Los Angeles). This May, he will finally be graduating from ESF with Honors after five years, having completed a B.S. in Environmental Health and a minor in Chemistry. During Jordan's free time, he enjoys going on soundwalks, taking photos of clouds, watching dramatic independent cinema, listening to music, reading about many diverse topics, spending time with family and his cats, and laughing with good company.

Abhi Mehra

Abhi Mehra: Abhinandan Mehra is an international student from the town of Amritsar in India. Abhi studied Bioprocess Engineering at SUNY ESF and aims to venture into sustainable manufacturing of biofuels and green engineering. He has also been an Orientation Leader for two years as well as currently the Concessions Supervisor at Carrier Dome.

Kai Troge

Kai Troge: My name is Kai, I'm from Stormville, NY, and I'm a biotechnology major. You've probably seen my smiling face at the front desk in Centennial Hall, or making your burrito at Chipotle.  I love hiking, folding paper cranes, painting, and ornamental plants.

Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Letters of Intent - Spring 2017


One Candidate: Ben Taylor
One Winner

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Dear ESF Students,

The 2016-2017 Academic Year has been one of excitement, trial, uncertainty, and action. Student have been mobilized on a campus, city, state, and national level regarding social, economic, political, and environmental issues. I had the distinct pleasure of interacting with many of you through this year, and could not be prouder of what we have accomplished together.

It is with hopefulness that I submit myself to you for second term as President of the ESF Undergraduate Student Association. Building upon the progress and strengths of this year, I will once again devote my time and effort to the benefit of ESF students. We will be able to celebrate accomplishments of this year, like the launch of the ESFgo app, beginning stages of Nifkin lounge renovations, accessibility improvements, Gateway hours extension, and student advocacy and representation of countless college committees. I will continue to fight for you on the campus and state level on issues like affordability, environmental awareness, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Through all of this, I will continue to be accessible in all things, being available on campus every day. I will still be the President that you can text questions to any time day or night. I will work with RSOs even more to offer new opportunities for collaboration and exploration. Finally, I will continue to encourage you, connect with you, and listen to you.

As President, I know that together we can expand upon our strengths and forge into new ideas. With all of your elected representatives, we will put in the extra hours to make sure that students continue to be respected. We will attend hundreds of hours of meetings to keep you informed and engaged. Through all of this, I know that the 2017-2018 academic year at ESF will be one like no other.

Thank you for your time, and I thank you for your vote.


Ben Taylor

Vice President

One Candidate: Christopher Ludlam
One Winner

Chris Ludlam

Chris Ludlam

To all undergraduates,

Greetings! My name is Christopher Ludlam, and I am a sophomore in the Bioprocess Engineering program. Following the successes of the current year, I am running for re-election as the Undergraduate Student Association’s Vice President for the 2017-2018 academic year.

For those of you who I have not been able to meet before, I can attest that I embody the spirit of Oakie the Acorn through and through. I played on ESF’s golf team for a second year, spent the last week of my summer as an Orientation Leader, and have continued providing tours for prospective students. I also took the opportunity to be a TA for two classes this past year, and tutored through the Academic Success Center. Whether I’m wearing a green polo, wacky tie dye, or clothes for the average Joe, I represent ESF’s students with a passion rivaled by few others.

I have done an exemplary job supporting students this past semester. I have worked hand-in-hand with the current President Ben Taylor (who is running for re-election as well), so I have learned and now understand the duties required of the Vice President. Besides helping Ben with any needs he requires, I have worked on communicating between USA and the ESF community through helping develop the ESFgo app and recruiting over five new USA representatives last semester. I also take my duties with clubs seriously. I helped bring in two new clubs last semester, and even with the increasing number of clubs, I made club meetings significantly more efficient.

I hope to take what I have learned this year and apply it to personal projects I hope to pursue next year. Regardless of if I am re-elected or not, I will continue addressing the issue of campus accessibility following the recent open forum held, with the hopes of making this inaccessible campus more forgiving to less-able students. I also will continue working on making processes with clubs and within USA more efficient, as we all understand how important time is for all of us students. I am excited to continue my duties as the Vice President, and promise to create as positive of an ESF atmosphere as I can.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and have a fantastic rest of the semester!

Christopher Ludlam

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Two Candidates: Grace Leman and Charlie Orr
One Winner

Grace Leman

Grace Leman

Dear ESF Campus,

My name is Grace Leman, I am currently a first year student in the major of Environmental Studies. During the 2017 election for USA positions I am running to be the Chief Financial Officer for the 2017-2018 school year. If I was to be elected into this position it would be my job to head the finance board and to help make decisions of budgeting and co-sponsorship requests. I am running for this position because I am currently on the finance board and I have loved my time serving on the finance board. And now I would like to continue on up the ladder and fill in the vacant position of the head of the finance board. I am passionate about this position and I want to be able to help make big decisions concerning matters of budgets and co-sponsorships. I hope to be able to help clubs and SIGs to expand and have a stronger influence on the student body, by assisting them in getting co-sponsorships and helping them manage their budgets. Also I am excited to continue in USA to help make our campus a better place and help vote on new resolutions.

I feel that I am qualified for this positon because I am currently on the finance board which has helped to give me the experience that I feel is important to have before becoming the Chief Financial Officer. I have the understanding of how the board runs and knowledge of the forms that are needed along with how to run and participate in the treasurer’s round tables. I have worked hard over this past year on the finance board and that has helped me to gain the experience that would make me a good choice for this position. Also in high school I was the treasurer of my class for three years, and while the two positions have various differences, being treasurer of my high school has given me extra experience that would help me in this position.

Thank you for your consideration for me for this position and I hope to be able to serve the ESF community to the best of my ability.

-Grace Leman

Charlie Orr

Charlie Orr


I’m a junior in Environmental Studies with a focus on Communication and Society. Since I transferred to ESF last semester, I have served in USA as both a Department Senator and on the Executive Body as the SU-ESF Liaison. I also joined the Baobab Society, the Men’s Soccer Team, and the new Historical Society.

Before coming to ESF, I managed and co-owned Oh Yeah!, a popular coffee/ice cream/waffle shop in my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA! As a manager, my job was to sell enough product to pay for wages, rent, and more product. That same year, I was also the production manager for a TEDxYouth event for which I solicited $10,000 in sponsorship donations. While the CFO is not responsible for raising money per se, he or she must be comfortable working with money and collaborating with adults and other professional money managers.

As a leader in USA, as opposed to a business manager or solicitor, I believe it is my responsibility to empower USA and the student body so that we may all excel. That is, my primary objective as a leader is to show people the many opportunities and abilities they already have. I am running for the USA CFO position, because I believe financial transparency is empowering. If elected, I will meet with club presidents and treasurers to show them all the options they have – from club budgets to USA co-sponsorships and everything between and beyond!

Between my familiarity with finances and my passion for empowerment, I am excited and prepared to potentially serve USA and the student body as the Chief Financial Officer!

tl;dr – ESF students want to do great things, and I want to facilitate students’ efforts with financial transparency, experience-based guidance, and enthusiasm!

Peace n’ luv,

Charlie Orr

Chief Communications Officer (CCO)

One Candidate: Jessica Cobb
One Winner

Jess Cobb

Hello ESF!

My name is Jessica Cobb, and I’m running to be the Chief Communications Officer for the Undergraduate Student Association! I’m a first year Environmental Health major with a concentration in Food Studies. I’m qualified because I’m currently holding the position that I’m running for! I’ve only been CCO for a few weeks, because the previous CCO stepped down in January, and I was only voted in in February. I’d like to take the position further than I’ve been able to in the short amount of time I’ve been active in it, and I believe I’d be successful in increasing communications in all areas of the campus over my upcoming 3 years here. Some facts about myself to help you all get to know me better are that I love to dance, I helped start a Red Cross Club in my high school, I’m an out of state student, and I was safety captain of the FRC Robotics team in my town for 4 years.

I can’t wait to continue developing this position and helping to improve our campus, as I really have grown to love ESF and USA. Thank you for your votes!

Jessica Cobb

Board of Trustees Rep (BOT)

Two Candidates: Richie Monaco and Katie Oran
One Winner

Richie Monaco

Richie Monaco

Hello all!

My name is Richard Monaco. I am a rising Senior in Environmental Resources Engineering. During this year’s USA elections, I will be running for the Board of Trustees representative. I am running for this position so I can continue with representing the student body. Since I started here at ESF, I’ve been involved with USA and representing students, and this position would be an honor to me.

I’ve been involved with the campus community elsewhere besides USA though. For two years I ran for the ESF Cross Country team, so I have experience here as a student athlete. I have been in the Bob Marshall Club since I was a freshman, and have been an officer two years (and I will continue to be an officer next year with them). I also spent two years in the ESF Music Society.

I believe that I am qualified for this position for several reasons. I am already experienced with networking and talking with people who I may have not had any contact with before. I am good at presenting myself in a professional manner, which would be important for properly representing students and their interests to the Board of Trustees.

Regardless of the outcome I plan to continue my time in USA representing students and doing good by my campus community.

Thank you for your time and happy voting!

Richard “Richie” Monaco

Katie Oran

Dear Undergraduate Student body,

Hello, my name is Katie Oran and I am a junior studying Environmental Studies with a focus on Environmental Communication and Society. I am interested in being elected as the Board of Trustees Representative for the Undergraduate Student Association. I have experience as the ESF/SU Liaison for USA for 2 years and a Junior Class Senator for one semester. I am a member of the Environmental Studies Student Organization, the ESF/ SU Coalition for Justice, and I often write for the Knothole. If you haven’t seen me around campus lately, it is because I am currently studying abroad at Oxford University, but am very homesick for ESF.

I understand that the role of Board of Trustees Representative primarily includes communicating to the trustees (and the administration) how students feel about various issues on campus, and to report back to the student body any decisions the board makes. We’ve had a pretty contentious year on campus and I know that many students still have concerns about administrative decisions and how they impact them. I have met with the Board of Trustees at President Wheeler’s house along with the current representative Erika Sykes, and I believe that I am the right person to convey the needs of the student body to the Board of Trustees. If elected, I will work with President Wheeler and the Trustees to find more opportunities for undergraduate students to interact with administrators to discuss campus events and issues that are of concern to them.

I, like many of you, am passionate about my university and I want to help create a space where all students’ voices are heard, not just the loudest.

Thank you for your consideration,
Katie Oran

Junior Class Senators (TWO)

Two Candidates: Cole Jermyn and Julia-Beth Taft
Two Winners

Cole Jermyn

Hi All! My name is Cole Jermyn and I am running for the position of Junior Class Senator for the upcoming academic year. I am an Environmental Resource Engineering major. I am running for the position because I think USA is a great opportunity for students to get involved on campus, and it allows me to better understand the concerns of students, faculty, and staff alike. I believe I am qualified for the position because I am an active member of the campus community, including being part of Engineers Without Borders and NYWEA, as well as being a current sophomore senator. During my time in USA I have tried to be active within the group, by being part of the constitution review committee as well as authoring a USA resolution. A fun fact about myself is that I am on the Syracuse University Ski Race Team.

Julia-Beth Taft

I would like to run as a Junior Class Senator starting in the fall of 2017. Currently, I am a Sophomore with an Environmental Science major. I believe I am qualified because of my experience and desire to help. In high school, I was a leader. I was involved with student government and honor society as well as other club activities that directly benefitted my school and community. And even though that seems like a lifetime ago, I’ve always been one to be involved with my community. Freshman year here at ESF was a lull period in my usual involvement, as I was very focused on getting my foothold in a new environment. When I was reintroduced to the responsibilities of being in a student government and other clubs, I felt right back at home because I was contributing to my community again. I am a fan of just helping people out. So, I would like to run for a Junior Class Senator position because it feels right when I give something back to the people and the community who gives so much to me. Furthermore, I understand the importance of connecting the Junior class together and to USA by providing them with information as well as listening to their ideas and concerns and doing what I can to address them.

Sophomore Class Chair

One Candidate: James Quinn
One Winner

James Quinn

My name is James Quinn and I major in Sustainable Energy Management (SEM). I am running for the position of Chairmen of the Sophomore Class of 2020. Since interaction amongst our classmates creates a stronger community, I would like to continue making efforts to provide more opportunities for members of our class to socialize. I really enjoy being a member of the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) and having the ability to sit down and talk to my fellow Stumpies about issues and concerns they have either about our campus or just everyday situations. I find that I am an excellent candidate for the position of Chairmen of the Sophomore Class because I love meeting new people as well as helping the campus in any way I am able. I find that it is the sole responsibility as a representative of the class of 2020 to listen to the concerns of the first years and any other body of students on the SUNY ESF campus and to exercise my power to solve any pressing concerns that they may have. If elected Chairmen of the Sophomore Class, I will fully commit to the position and make it a priority as well as my responsibility to attend to all matters with the students’ interest in mind.

Sophomore Class Senator

One Candidate: Katherine Miller
One Winner

Katherine Miller

Greetings ESF Campus,

My name is Katherine Miller. I am currently a freshman in the Environmental Health major and I would like to run for one of the positions as class senator. I would like to run for this position because I would like to be actively involved in the ESF community. As a senator, it would be my responsibility to represent the class of 2020. I feel confident that I would be able to do so, for I believe the key to having a cohesive relationship between USA and students is having an established, open form of communication. I believe that I would be able to provide this bridge, and be an effective representation for all students.

In terms of qualifications, I was captain of my swim team in high school. Being a captain required me to be the bridge of communication between my teammates and the coach. It also required me to represent the team in an audience of the athletic director and the school board on the importance of having a swim team and why it should be funded. Because of this, we were able to pass having a swim team in the budget. I was also crew chief for my school’s tech crew. As crew chief, I was required to call all cues for the tech staff, whether it be lights, props, or sound. Being crew chief was an elected position that required me to be a bridge of communication between the dimensions of the crew; light, sound, camera, and backstage. Without establishing this bridge, the four dimensions would not be able to function as a cohesive unit and a show would not be able to be produced.
I would really like to represent the class of 2020 as a senator. I feel that I am an effective communicator, and have experience in representation. Thank you for your time!

Environmental Forest Biology (EFB) Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Kiley Voss
One Winner

Kiley Voss

Kiley Voss

My name is Kiley Voss, and I am a sophomore in Conservation Biology. I am a bird-lover, avid reader, amateur photographer, and am running for the position of Environmental Forestry and Biology (EFB) Department Senator. EFB is a large department that contains a third of all majors offered at ESF, and I think it needs to have more of a presence in ESF's social environment.   I could help bridge the gap among students, faculty, and U.S.A by applying my past experiences, which includes holding the position of Co-Coordinator of Special Events, where I learned how to create events and effectively communicate between large groups. I believe I could be an active voice for everyone's concerns and suggestions regarding EFB's endeavors, and will plan a rocking department mixer!


Environmental Science (ENS) Curriculum Senators

Two Candidates: Cat Theodorou and Daniel Mattinson
Two Winners

Catherine Theodorou

Catherine Theodorou

My name is Catherine Theodorou and I am a junior in Environmental Science, running for the Environmental Science Department Senator position. I care a great deal about my major and my “division” (we are not technically a department!) and have recently been working closely with some of our core faculty. I have loved being a Senator at Large, but I think my interests and strengths are better suited to this position. I hope to help out in any way I can, and to continue doing great work with USA.

Daniel Mattinson

Hello, my name is Daniel Mattinson. I am a junior in the division of environmental science and a current curriculum senator. As a new senator I have enjoyed serving my classmates and ESF and look forward to continuing to serve this school I love so much and my peers whom I have the deepest respect for. With this statement I declare my intent to run again for Environmental Science Curriculum Senator.

Environmental Studies (EST) Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Cara Ranalli
One Winner

Cara Ranalli

I am submitting a letter of intent in order to run for the position of Senator for the Environmental Studies Department. As a student getting involved in the ESF community, I have enjoyed meeting many of the faculty members and students in our department. It would be my pleasure to help our department accomplish the goals of academic success and career preparation. Throughout my education, I have taken on many leadership roles through academic clubs and volunteer organizations. As an EST student interested in policy, I am devoted to ensuring that the department is guiding us students to the success we aspire to.

Thank you for your consideration,

Cara Mia Ranalli

Chemistry (FCH) Curriculum Senators

Two Candidates: Jacob Kunz and Tia Ogus
Two Winners

Jacob Kunz


My name is Jacob Kunz, and I am a second-year chemistry major. I intend to run for a position as a FCH Department Senator in hopes of maintaining and strengthening the connection between the department and the campus and surrounding community. Many people won’t admit this, but there is a lot of interesting research developing in the field of chemistry, and ESF’s department of chemistry is a great example of that. As a student who already has strong connections with faculty in the department, I believe I would be effective in establishing effective communication between the students and faculty in the department.

Aside from academics, I’m very passionate about the outdoors – both for recreation as well as just being a part of the environment. I’m an avid rock climber and an active member of the Syracuse University Outing Club (SUOC), where I plan on becoming a rock climbing leader. I’m also a member of the planning committee for this year’s Earth Week sustainability events.

There’s a lot going on at ESF, and I’m very excited to get the opportunity to be a part of that. My goal – far-fetched as it may be – is to leave ESF having improved the status of the FCH department on campus (chemistry and chemists aren’t as scary as you’d think!).

Thank you for your consideration,

Jacob Kunz

Tia Ogus

Hi my name is Tia Ogus and I am currently running for one of the FCH Department Senator position again. I am a second year student Chemistry major with a minor in Urban Environmental Science. I am qualified to be this position because I have been one of the senators for the past year now. I am used to emailing different professors about new updates in USA and Jake and I are in the middle of planning a mixer for the department. I love the chemistry department and it is my goal to keep all the professors informed about anything new happening in USA and External Affairs. I love being involved on campus and in my opinion this is an excellent way to stay up to date on campus events and to talk to professors that I will have in the future.

Paper and Bioprocess Engineering (PBE) Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Christopher Kordziel
One Winner

Christopher Kordziel

Christopher Kordziel


My name is Christopher Kordziel. I am a rising senior majoring in Bioprocess Engineering. I am running for the position of PBE Department Senator in the Undergraduate Student Association (USA). Being a member of USA is a way to give back to the campus community. During my years at ESF, I took the opportunity to attend events on campus that were put on by USA. I feel that it is important to give back and contribute in order to allow these events to continue. I feel that I am qualified for this position since I know the professors, students, and staff within my department and attempt to make myself available to students if they need me. I am currently the interim department senator for the PBE department for the 2017 spring semester. I was involved in student organizations in high school as well as a captain for the soccer and basketball teams and I was the treasurer for my high school’s environmental club and honor society chapter. A few interesting facts about me are my high school graduating class had 40 students total and I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan and own a cheesehead.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position and if elected will continue to serve and represent them to the best of my ability.


Christopher Kordziel