May Commencement Speaker Candidates

ONE VOTE. The student you select will be the May Commencement Student Speaker on Saturday, May 14th at 3pm in the SRC Arena. They will be given approximately 5-6 minutes to speak at Commencement.

Rhea Joseph

Fareya Zubair

Student Referendum Fee

During the 2004-2005 academic year, the SUNY Referendum Policy was established. Every two years on each SUNY campus, an all-student vote regarding the Student Activity Fee is held in conjunction with the annual elections for student government (USA). This vote establishes whether the Student Activity Fee will be a mandatory or voluntary one.

Since this policy was established, ESF students have voted for it to be a mandatory fee. The fee has automatically been added to student Bursar accounts, and has supported events such as TGs, Morning Munches, and Earth Week events as well as providing registered student organizations with financial support through allocations made by the USA Finance Board and through appropriate budget hearings.

You will vote on the following question: Should the Student Activity Fee be mandatory?

Yes: the fee should be mandatory or No: the fee should not be mandatory (therefore optional)

Undergraduate Student Association Constitution Amendments

The student body must vote on the proposed changes to the USA Constitution. Click on the Current and Amended Constitutions below to see the proposed changes. Major amendments are highlighted in the Amended (Proposed) Document.

You will vote on the following question: Do you approve the proposed amendments to the USA Constitution? YES or NO

USA CURRENT Constitution

USA proposed AMENDED Constitution

Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Letters of Intent - 2016-2017

Click here to view USA's new Bylaws and Position Duties

USA Letters of Intent                                                                                                            Fall 2016


Two Candidates: Benjamin Taylor and Samantha McVey
One Winner

Dear Undergraduates,

Hello, my name is Ben Taylor and I am running for President of the Undergraduate Student Association here at SUNY-ESF. I am currently a sophomore in Environmental Resources Engineering. This year as Vice President, I was challenged to redefine the position; traditionally it lacked substantial responsibility, but with the help of the USA Governing Body, I brought the role of VP up to a high standard. I have worked closely with President Margaret Foley on campus initiatives, and my experience this last year has given me a firm grasp on what it means to be President.

Additionally, I led the effort to revise our Association Constitution and By-Laws with the support of the Constitution Review Committee. I’ve been at the forefront of new Club and Special Interest Group (a new category of clubs) proposals. Moreover, I have bolstered the role of Parliamentarian within the USA Governing Body.

Going forward, I am confident that I have the dedication and leadership ability for this role. I enjoy challenges and always seek out opportunities to grow as an individual and as a professional. I believe that student government can be fun, engaging, and influential on campus.

As President, I would continue Margaret’s excellent record of mediating conflict, being impartial, and communicating often with the student body and administration. I would develop new initiatives at USA, including new efforts to motivate students in the Governing Body as well as on campus. I will hold a President’s Summit where USA members can convene and brainstorm, eat, set goals, talk, and get pumped up for the year ahead.

Doubtless, this year on campus has been one of transition and challenge. I am committed to seeing new pathways of communication develop here on campus, many of which will be championed by the new USA Chief Communications Officer position. I will work with this person closely to make sure that this campus is an informed community.

Finally, I will be the strongest advocate for student interests. You all have phenomenal ideas, passions, and dreams that can transform the world. These dreams begin at ESF, and you deserve a campus where our voice is heard. Whatever is the will of the students, I will push for. I understand that my own personal interests are never as important as representing the driven and diverse students at ESF. We, as students, have a strong and respected voice on our campus, and I aim to be a confident, understanding representative of you for the whole campus community. I hope that my record, motivation, and future-oriented mindset will secure your vote in me as President of your Undergraduate Student Association.


Ben Taylor

Fellow Stumpies,

My name is Samantha McVey, and I am running to be your representative as President of the Undergraduate Student Association. I have connected with you in different ways: I worked through Centennial Hall as a Resident Assistant to engage and listen to your concerns, through the sophomore class as a Senator to make your voices heard in and out of town halls, and as a co-Director of Student Affairs and Diversity to challenge ESF’s worldview. In each of these roles, I have had different exposures to the uncertainty of this past year and the effects it has had on our campus- the ever-changing relationship with SU and multiple discouraging conversations around a ‘vote of no confidence’ seemed to threaten the integrity of our college. As students, we rose up in the face of those wavering moments and demanded that the campus work together- choosing to incite a healing process instead of letting circumstances break our community.

Working with many of you in and out of USA has allowed me to witness the power of our student drive and our voices: your passion for our community motivated me to become an activist for positive change. As president, I intend to continue to work closely with our staff and faculty and tap into the network of student passion that made our many victories a reality. I will work fiercely to unite students, faculty, and staff through discussion in the interest of remaining the most dedicated and talented students protecting the natural world. We have the power to make this campus the #OneESF we want it to be and as a leader, I will do everything within my power to make this a reality.

If elected, I promise to tackle diversity on this campus, and to continue to build bridges between the many disconnected groups on this campus. As a president, I will prioritize bringing students and faculty together as a community on a level not yet seen by ESF. I will engage my peers and focus on making all voices heard, regardless of sex, gender, race or creed. It is time to rally in the name of our shared interests, and succeed in “improving our world.”

Thank You,

Samantha McVey


One Candidate: Christopher Ludlam
One Winner

To all undergraduates,

            Greetings! My name is Christopher Ludlam, and I am a First-Year student in the Environmental Science program. Currently I am a First-Year Class Senator in our student government. Having been encouraged by many peers, I have decided that I will be running for the Vice President position in the Undergraduate Student Association for the 2016-2017 academic year.

            I have been an extremely active member during my short time here on the ESF campus. In the fall, you may have seen me chipping golf balls as part of ESF’s golf team. You may have seen me participating in many USA hosted events or voicing my opinion at presentations from administration and faculty members. And if you’ve ever gone to pick up free bread this semester in Nifkin Lounge on Thursdays, you’ve seen me dancing as I hand out sliced bread listening to summer hits or Disney classics!

I have the qualifications to be an excellent leader in our student government. Over the past year, I have demonstrated leadership qualities as a class senator, and I have gone above and beyond as a member in your student government. I am actively involved in various committees, advocating for the concerns and interests of the undergraduate students. Having talked to our current Vice President, Benjamin Taylor, I fully understand the responsibilities and duties of the job. As Vice President, I promise to assist the future USA President in their endeavors, while simultaneously improving my personal leadership skills. I look forward with great anticipation to working closely with clubs and groups on campus, I will adapt to the needs of the student body, and I will be extremely flexible in order to help out the ESF community as a whole. I am excited at the prospect of filling the role of Vice President and setting a new standard for future ESF undergraduates, creating a better academic and social experiences for all.

Thank you, and have a fantastic rest of the semester!

Christopher Ludlam

Chief Financial Officer

Two Candidates: Michael Klaczko and Daniel O’Leary
One Winner

Dear ESF student body,

            My name is Michael Klaczko and I want to be your Chief Financial Officer. Who am I and why should you vote for me? These questions and more will be answered if you choose to read on, so please do!

The Chief Financial Officer position is an integral piece within the wonderful organization that we call the Undergraduate Student Association. This association and all of the people that are a part of it make up the governing portion of our student body. The position of CFO has the responsibility of managing the association’s funds along with all of the club funds. It is a position which must be taken up with ambition and passion; one that deserves whole hearted dedication and strong resolve. These attributes would just be a few of the many others that I would be willing and able to give each and every day of serving in this position. Because of this, I believe that I would make a great candidate for the positon. But before you vote, let me tell you more about myself.

As I said before my name is Michael. I am a first year chemistry major who has an incredible passion for the environment along with an incredible passion to help others. Both have guided me to ESF and both have motivated me into getting involved with the ESF community. Getting into student government has been something I have always been interested in, so when the opportunity arose at the beginning of this year I took it and became the first year class chair. While it has been an honor to have served in this position and to represent the first year students in the Undergraduate Student Association, I feel as though a larger and more extensive role in the association would allow me to reach my end goal. My end goal is to help as many people as I can. This is ultimately why I would like to serve as CFO for Undergraduate Student Association, so that I can help as many people as possible. This simple idea has been something that has motivated me throughout my life, as I have always aspired to have at least one positive effect on every single person that I meet throughout my life. This leads me into why I think I would be a good candidate for CFO.

The main reason that I believe that I would be a good fit for this position is because of the passion and the resolve that I carry with me in all of the things that I do. I have always worked hard in everything that I have done throughout my life and as a result, I understand and value the hard work that it takes to get things done right. I am very ambitious and I am always looking for ways to improve how things work. I am also very open minded and outgoing, which allows me to take into account many different points of view in order to create solutions that appease the largest amount of people. My passion allows me to take great pride in the things that I do and because of that I take everything I do very seriously.

These attributes along with the others that make up my personality have all been gained from the experiences that I have had before I came to ESF. I have been the leader of groups of people as small as 4 and as large as 300. I have performed in front of crowds as large as 80,000 people. At ESF, I have gone through ESF’s emerging leadership program which has given me invaluable skills to effectively lead. These experiences, among others, have allowed me to gain the experience necessary to hold this position. With my experience as a leader and the attributes that I have gained from these experiences, I believe that I would be able and qualified to fulfill the position of CFO.

Michael E. Klaczko

My name is Daniel O’Leary and I am an Environmental Studies student with a minor in Sustainable Construction currently in my junior year. I would like to apply for the position of Chief Financial Officer of the Undergraduate Student Association. I have been on the finance board that advises the CFO for two years, providing me with the experience and background that I need to be a successful CFO. During that time I learned how funds are allotted and accounted for in addition to the Finance Codes that are published by USA. I also learned the flaws of the system and plan to work on fixing them. I view fiscal responsibility as a priority, which makes clubs and events a financially stable and sustainable part of ESF’s future. Each and every student pays an activities fee that funds the organization, and I plan to make it my goal to make sure that the funds are allocated in the best possible way to fit the needs of the student body as a whole.

Thank you for your time,

Dan O’Leary

Chief Communications Officer

One Candidate: Jet’aime Lewis
One Winner

Dear SUNY-ESF Student Body,

My name is Jet’aime Lewis, a current First-Year in Environmental Biology working on a Minor in Applied Statistics, and I am running for the Undergraduate Student Association’s Chief Communications Officer. Most of you may know me as the outgoing and adventurous “Jet” that is constantly running around campus. A lot of this energy comes from the many things I am involved in and my constant passion to know what is going on around me.

Moving 3,000 miles away from my home in Southern California to ESF has been both an exciting and difficult journey for me. However, I knew that in order to succeed and create a place for myself here, that reaching out to those around me and communicating with others was something that wasn’t a luxury, but a necessity. As most of you know, there have been quite a number of changes and transitions put into place over the past year. Most of these, for better or worse have seemed to lack a distinct communication between the student body, faculty, staff and administration and everyone in between. As Chief Communications Officer, I’d like to make this issue a top priority and work on creating an enriching and progressive campus environment where all aforementioned parties can collaborate effortlessly. Keeping an atmosphere of transparency where all members of the ESF community are constantly informed and aware is another task that, while difficult, is a goal that I am prepared to put the dedicated time and effort into.

I am currently involved in USA on a variety of committees, as well as the Pre-Vet Club and ESF’s chapter of the Society of Ecological Restoration. All of these have allowed me to keep an open mind on a variety of topics, and forced me to manage my time wisely in order to balance all that I am passionate about – which is a lot. I can assure you that I will commit my energy into trying to strengthen the already fantastic roots ESF has established. I am always open to feedback from those willing to offer it. I want to grow alongside this school, and encourage as many people as I can to come with me. After all, I can’t do anything without the passion and strength of you, my fellow students.

Thank you,

Jet’aime Lewis

Board of Trustees Representative

One Candidate: Erika Sykes
One Winner

ESF Student Body,

Hello, my name is Erika Sykes and I am currently a junior studying Paper Engineering. I am running for the position of Board of Trustees (BOT) Undergraduate Student Representative. As BOT representative, I would be responsible for attending BOT meetings, communicating the thoughts and concerns of the student body with the board, organizing an open forum between students and President Wheeler, and serving as a liaison between GSA and USA.

I am the current BOT representative in USA and believe I can continue to fulfill this role. Being BOT representative, you must be able to effectively relay the sentiments of the student body to the board. By being an active member of USA and reaching out to students, I have and will continue to represent the student body. Along with that, I must also be able to act professionally as I am representing the ESF undergraduate body. I am currently the Head Orientation leader, and my experience with this position allows me to represent all of ESF to students and families. Being the current BOT representative, I have already made connections with the board members and have familiarized myself with the means of relaying information to the board.

I love ESF and all that it stands for. USA has been doing an amazing job this semester trying to make ESF the best that it can be. I love being able to communicate with the board to show them what tremendous actions students can do to make this school and this world a better place. Please allow me to continue to fulfill this position and I promise to keep representing you.

Thank you,

Erika Sykes

Senior Class Senator

Two Candidates: Nicholas Johnson and Jordan C’Dealva-Lenik
Two Winners

Dear ESF community,

My name is Nicholas Johnson and I am running to be your Senior Class Senator for 2017. I am currently a student in Environmental Studies: Policy, Planning, and Law along with holding the position of Junior Class Chair. I feel my current experiences within the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) will help us achieve the goals we as a class would like to accomplish before we graduate, such as diversifying clubs and organizations academically and activity-wise. I hope to hold this position because I believe in building a strong ESF community especially when many of us are in our last year as undergraduate students. This is an important year for us: we prepare to enter a whole new chapter of our lives, but we still have yet to leave a lasting impression of leadership and power as we leave this great institution. I hope to work together with the rest of our graduating seniors in May of 2017 to help leave a strong legacy here for the classes that follow us. Allow me to work with you and focus on being part of the voice for the senior class and our wishes for this school.


Nicholas Johnson

To my fellow seniors at SUNY-ESF:

            My name is Jordan C’Dealva-Lenik, and I am currently a senior majoring in Environmental Health and minoring in Chemistry. I am in the unusual position of getting ready to become a fifth-year senior, and so I would like to remain involved with USA. I am currently a senior class senator for the Class of 2016, but I wish to take an unprecedented step and run for a senior class senator position for the second year in a row. It would mean a lot to me if you would consider voting me in and adopting me into the Class of 2017.

            As a senior class senator this academic year, I have been quite active in USA business. I have never missed a single USA meeting since I’ve been elected. For my USA committee assignment, I currently sit on the Constitution Review Committee, where I have worked hard with other USA members to proofread and revise resolutions and new club constitutions and by-laws, and have spent the majority of this academic year working on revising and updating USA’s Constitution and By-Laws. Being on this committee requires members who are very thorough and detail-oriented, and I believe I have lived up to these requirements.

            As for my other USA assignment, I have currently served as the USA representative to the Committee on Curriculum of Academic Governance. As the entire undergraduate student body’s representative, I have been working tirelessly this year to push departments to notify the Committee of defunct course listings that need to be dropped from the College Course Catalog to reduce student confusion. So far, I have been successful in getting all departments to comply except EFB, FNRM, and PBE, and the Division of Environmental Science is currently working on complying. In this same initiative, I am still pushing the Committee to work with the departments in determining inactive courses on the Course Catalog that can be specially designated with the last time a course was offered so that students know their likelihood of being able to take that course if they’re interested in it.

However, my main responsibility on this Committee has been to screen new course proposals, course revisions, new minor proposals, minor revisions, new curriculum proposals, and curriculum revisions from the student perspective, sharing input and recommending clarifications. This process involves extensive communication with members of the faculty, professional staff, and administration who sit on the Committee. Other members of the Committee have told me they appreciate having me there to share student perspectives. All progress we make on this committee I report back at USA meetings. Being on this committee enables me to also be one of the few student voting members of the general body of Academic Governance, and I have appreciated being given this responsibility, and as such, have never missed any of these meetings either. I would love to continue my work on this Committee, as there is still so much I want to get done before I finally graduate.

While I haven’t been an active author of resolutions passed by USA this year, I did get the opportunity recently to co-author a resolution asking ESF to adopt a uniform clicker policy. Turning to some of my own viewpoints, I am a firm believer of the need to foster better communication between all members of this campus outside of class on the issues ESF faces. Some of you might be aware of the massive breakdowns in communication that have plagued our campus community of late. I will continue to work hard to promote efforts to foster better communication this upcoming academic year. Those of you who know me know that I am a very diligent and persistent individual. You can be sure that I will stand up for what I believe is the right thing to do for current and future students of ESF. For the rest of you who do not know me, let me get the chance to know you better.

Thank you,

Jordan C’Dealva-Lenik

Junior Class Chair

Two Candidates: Jessica Emmerson and Mark Frazier
One Winner

Hello fellow students,

My name is Jessica Emmerson and I am a part of the class of 2018 in the environmental resources engineering department. I am interested in fulfilling the position of 2018 class chair for the 2016-2017 school year. I understand that this requires me to plan mixers for the class of 2018 to help bring our class together over free food and fun. I am currently a representative of the class of 2018 and I wish to become more involved in the planning of our events on campus to ensure that they occur smoothly and frequently. I believe that my organization and time management skills will allow me to successfully fulfill this position. I also believe that my enthusiasm for bringing our campus together (and free food) will help make our events successful.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jessica Emmerson

Class of 2018,

My name is Mark Frazier and I am a sophomore (rising junior) in Forest Resource Management at ESF. I am interested in running for the position of Junior Class Chair. Last year I was your Sophomore class chair, and I would love to use what I learned this year to make next year even better! I have also served as one of your First year Class senators and I learned a lot about working with other people and representing our class then. Additionally, I have completed the Emerging Leaders seminar here at ESF. My past experience has set me up to be well fit for this position and because I am so credible and so influential and so relevant, I will change things.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mark Frazier

Sophomore Class Chair

One Candidate: Ethan Newman
One Winner

Fellow ESF Students,

My name is Ethan Newman and I am currently a first year Environmental Studies major at ESF. I am running for the position of Sophomore Class Chair for 2016/17 in the hope that I will be the face of the Class of 2019 in the Undergraduate Student Association. In my brief time at ESF, I have demonstrated dedication to my peers as a First Year Senator and I believe I am ready to step up to the position of a class chair.  My fellow First-Year USA members can attest to the presence that I have been in planning our mixers and coming up with fresh ideas to engage our constituency and I have shown through my dedication to USA that I am ready for this challenge. In this position, I hope to work closely with all members of USA to communicate pressing issues on campus to my peers who aren’t actively engaged members of our community.

As Sophomore Class Chair, I have several ideas for engaging my constituency and getting more students, specifically sophomores, active on campus. I hope to work closely with other class chairs as well as working to bring different age groups closer together and give different age groups an informal means of interaction outside the classroom. I look forward to being your Sophomore Class Chair!


Ethan Newman

Environmental Resources Engineering Curriculum Senators

Two Candidates: Grace Belisle and Veronica Held
Two Winners

My name is Grace Belisle and I am currently a junior in the Environmental Resources Engineering program. I am running for the position of Curriculum Senator for the ERE department. I hope to again hold the position as Curriculum Senator for my department for the 2016-2017 academic year, because I love being involved in the exciting and dynamic running of the Undergraduate Student Association and I care greatly about the well-being of the campus. As ERE curriculum senator, I hope to completely and thoughtfully represent my peers in my program, and also hold a curriculum mixer (as done this past spring) that brings lots of people in the department together (students, faculty and staff) to enhance communication and friendliness.    

Grace Belisle

Hello fellow students,

My name is Veronica Held, informally known as Ronnie, and I am currently a sophomore in the department of Environmental Resources Engineering. During fall semester, I was elected into the position of Environmental Resources Engineering curriculum senator and hope to maintain that role. Thanks to the experience I gained this year through my position, I believe I have the knowledge and capability to perform just as well, if not better, than I did this past year.

Thank you,

Veronica Held

Landscape Architecture Curriculum Senator

Two Candidates: Mark Tepper and Savy Kep

Two Winners

Dear SUNY ESF Student Body,

I Mark Tepper, would like to run for Landscape Architecture Curriculum Senator. I am currently a junior in the landscape architecture department aspiring to be a licensed practitioner. As I have great relationships with the landscape architecture faculty and student body, I believe that I would be the best person for this position. I have good experience in event planning with past/current jobs as well as planing for a charity event on campus this year. I currently sit on the Student Health Advisory Comity SHAC and the Programing Committee. I also am the Chief Financial Officer of The Knothole our school literary journal. I have obtained professional skills in the work place of communications, public relations and networking which I believe will help me to be the best candidate for the job. I would like to further the relationship between the Undergraduate Student Association and Landscape Architecture Department to make our environment for students the best it can be. Thank you for the consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Mark S. Tepper

Landscape Architecture Curriculum Senator

Chief Financial Officer of The Knothole

Dear Undergraduates of SUNY-ESF,

            I would like to address you all and inform you of my desire to fulfill one of the positions for a Landscape Architecture Curriculum Senator for the next academic year. I am currently a 2nd year in the Landscape Architecture Program and I hold the Secretary Position in the Undergraduate Student Association. I’m currently also involved in the LA Club, Earth Week Committee, and Spring Banquet Committee. I believe that I would be a good fit for this position because I am passionate about this major and the students on campus. I love being involved on campus and hope to represent LA students as best as I can.

Thank You,

Savy Kep

Landscape Architecture | Class of 2019

FNRM Curriculum Senator

One Candidate: Colin Myers
One Winner

My name is Colin Myers and I am a senior in Natural Resources Management. the position I would like to run for is the FNRM Curriculum Senator and I would like to run for this position because I've held it for the past two semesters and feel I have done a good job and believe I could continue to do a good job if elected.

- Colin Myers

ESF/SU Liaison

Five Candidates: James Longo, Hayley Sussman, Katie Oran, Kyle Smith, and Edward Shao
Five Winners

Hello undergraduate student body,

My name is James Longo, and I am running for the Undergraduate Student Association ESF/SU Liaison position. I have held this position for about a year and am interested in being re-elected this coming year.

I have always been interested in the ESF/SU relationship and its importance to both communities. I am involved in numerous SU clubs and activities including the SU club wrestling, swimming, and triathlons teams, as well as the Syracuse University Student Association where I am a voting member. My work as liaison over the past year has taught me a lot about how this relationship works, and what needs to be done to improve it.

The ESF/SU relationship affects every student here and it’s very important to have good representation when making decisions concerning this relationship. I am excited to have the opportunity to continue my work.



To the SUNY-ESF Student Body,

My name is Hayley Sussman and I am currently a first-year student majoring in Biotechnology. I am writing this letter to express my interest in becoming an ESF/SU Student Liaison. Since arriving at ESF, I have participated in the Syracuse University Gymnastics Club and Active Minds at Syracuse University. I am also a Student Ambassador for ESF. As an ambassador, I have helped at information sessions and Open Houses, given tours, and served on student panels to answer prospective students’ questions. My involvement at both schools has helped me meet students and faculty at ESF and SU, giving me a unique perspective on our relationship and making me an excellent candidate for ESF/SU Student Liaison.

Through this position, I would like to increase ESF student input and representation at SU, as well as help SU students learn about what ESF has to offer. Many SU students hope to pursue environmental careers that coincide with the interests of ESF students; however, they are not aware of the clubs, classes, or career advice that ESF students are given. By having a more vocal relationship between the two schools, more SU students will know about and attend events such as the Environmental Career and Internship Fair, as well as take classes at ESF.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Letter of Intent. I hope to work with you to improve the ESF/SU relationship.


Hayley Sussman

Dear Undergraduate Student Body,

My name is Katie Oran and I am running for re-election of the ESF/SU Liaison position on the Undergraduate Student Association. I am currently one of the ESF/SU Liaisons, and I have held this position for the last year. My experience this past year on USA and the Syracuse Student Association has helped me to see the importance of the relationship our two universities share. As we continue to redefine this relationship, I believe it is more important than ever to have student representation at Syracuse University. The relationship that I, and the other ESF/SU liaisons, have built with administrators at both universities has allowed us to take student questions and ideas to those who have the power to address them.  As a rising Junior I am excited to help clearly define what this position means, and to continue to work to build a lasting relationship with SU. Plz vote 4 me : )


Katie Oran

As a biotechnology major and research assistant at SUNY ESF and a spiritual leader at Syracuse University, I am writing to express my interest to serve as a USA representative under the position of SU/ESF Liaison. Being a first year student has been an incredible experience, and I have been exposed to the multifaceted relationship between our two institutions, and the room for improvements therein.

At SUNY ESF, I have participated in a myriad of activities and service events, as well as taken up a research position with Shannon Farrell, Ph.D. I am very proud to be an ESF student, and because of this pride I would like nothing more than to be a student representative for our undergraduate governance association.

Being the vice president of the Syracuse University Buddhist Association and a member of the Syracuse University Outing Club, my experience and knowledge in working with the students of SU and the way by which this university operates is unique, and this is why I feel like I am not only competent for the position, but also obligated to do so, given my investment in SU’s facilities.

I hope to be given the opportunity to play my part in assisting the effective and fair operation of this association, specifically in regards to the relationship between our institution and the neighboring Syracuse University. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kyle Andrew Smith

Hello members of USA,

               My name is Edward Shao and I am a freshman majoring in Environmental Engineering from New York City. I am writing this letter to express my continued interest in being an SU-ESF liaison and in this, working for the betterment of students from both colleges. I believe I can bring more representation of not only ESF students but of underrepresented minorities as well.

My experience with representing students extends back to high school, when I was a Class Senator and worked with coordinating student spirit initiatives such as Spirit Week, as well as advocating for better food services as a member of the Nutrition Council. Currently I participate in SU’s Boxing Club, as well as the Student Association’s Committee of Student Life alongside James Longo and Katie Oran. I believe there to be great potential for new initiatives that would work for both student life and sustainability on both campuses. Current proposals that I will be planning to actualize are the development of increased access to fresh produce via a farmer’s market on SU’s quad, as well as the dedication of space on the proposed new parking lot for a community garden open to both SU and ESF students.

I’m passionate and hardworking about all of my passions and am a quick learner as well. I’m also very well attuned to what students would like to see on campus and am easy to work with. Thank you for reading this and I hope to continue working with you all soon.


Edward Shao



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