Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Letters of Intent - 2014-15

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1. First-Year Class Chair (one winner)

Derrick Rice Jr.

My name is Derrick Rice, I am a freshman in the Environmental Studies Major and I am filing this letter of intent for the position of First-Year Class Chair. As Chair, I hope to help foster a community that is reflective of the diversity that is ever-growing at our school, as well as help provide a supportive environment for all students so that they feel empowered to achieve to the best of their abilities, and embrace the ESF spirit of citizenship, individuality and community. It is important to note that I have no prior experience in student government below the college level, but I hope that through the experiences I have to come in my ESF experience that I will forge myself as a capable leader in the Undergraduate Student Association.


Derrick Rice Jr.

Mark Frazier

Hi Mighty Oaks!

My name is Mark Frazier and I am a first-year student in the Environmental Resource Engineering program at ESF. I am interested in running for the position of First-Year Class Chair. I want to join USA because I enjoy helping with organizations to better communities and getting to practice leadership. In high school I served as Vice-President and Secretary of a service organization inside of the Boy Scouts of America (Unfortunately coming to college stopped me from being able to serve as President, but ESF is totally worth it!). Along with these executive positions I attended National Leadership seminars to help me excel at my jobs. I know my experiences from the past can help me effectively lead the first-year’s representation at USA.


Mark “I’m Nice” Frazier

2. First-Year Class Senator

Ben Taylor

Dear First-Year Students,

My name is Ben Taylor, a Centen fourth floor ERE major from a small town south of Buffalo. This year, I have decided to run to be your Class Senator. As Senator, I will be our representative in the Undergraduate Student Association, voicing our ideas and concerns. Also, I’ll be helping plan some cool class and school events, like retreats, Earth Week, and other opportunities for service and recreation. In High School, I was the leader of a few organizations, most notably the president of our student council. Over the last couple years, I have learned how to listen, how to discuss, and how to get a group of people pumped up and passionate. As Senator, my ears will always be open to the voice of the class. Together, we can make a lasting impact on ESF!

This week, let’s have Centen vote 4 Ben!

3. Sophomore Class Chair (one chair)

Dear Fellow Sophomores and USA Representatives,

My name is Alden Morris and I am currently a landscape architecture student. I am running for the position of sophomore class chair because I can make a positive impact on our class’s social life with the support of my peers. I look forward to meeting the rest of the sophomore class, planning diverse events and just plain having fun.

I am originally from Lansing, NY which is a stone’s throw away from Ithaca, NY. I was able to participate in a variety of leadership seminars, events and opportunities through the boy scouts, Cornell and my local high school. During the summer I was a camp counselor for the cub scouts, boy scouts and parks/rec department. Upon arriving to ESF, I further learned skills and was able to practice what I already knew. I joined USA as a class senator and helped plan a freshman mixer. My major, landscape architecture, introduced me to public speaking, event/matter planning and time management. I then took part in the emerging leaders’ workshop series, AXS and worked with the NY Parks Department.

I hope that you find these qualifications and history an appropriate match for my campaign as the sophomore class chair. If you have any questions please ask and I look forward to meeting you and your vote.


Alden Morris

4. Sophomore Class Senator

Carly Benson

Dear ESF Students,

My name is Carly Benson, and I am currently a sophomore in the department of Landscape Architecture. I am writing this letter of intent to run for the position of sophomore class senator, as I believe that it is important to be aware, educated, and to have a say in campus activities and concerns. Aside from being involved with campus clubs, I love to plan events, get along well with others, and believe it is important to be aware of and value the student body’s concerns.

 I am involved in clubs such as LANDǀscape Club, Baobab Society, and was a freshman class senator for the Undergraduate Student Association during the spring 2014 semester. During my time in Baobab Society, I helped plan events such as our Japanese night Insomniac event in order to spread cultural awareness throughout the campus while encouraging students to come together and participate in campus activities. During my time in the Undergraduate Student Association, I helped organize events such as the freshman class mixer, in which I worked alongside the other senators and class chair to plan food, entertainment, advertisement, and decoration choices for the event. I believe that my experience and love of planning events would be a great asset to the association as the sophomore’s help plan for Earth Week this year.

 Additionally, I had the honor of being an Orientation Leader for the incoming freshman class this year, in which I furthered my leadership skills and had the opportunity to help students peacefully transition into ESF. During my time as an Orientation Leader, one of my goals were to accentuate the importance of being involved with the campus’s clubs, as I believe that being aware of issues and opportunities is the first step to both making change happen and broadening your personal experiences and opportunities.

I am passionate about ESF, and would love to help the sophomore chair represent the interests of our class and plan more upcoming events for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Thank you,

Carly Benson

5. Junior Class Chair

Danny Tighe

Dear Fellow Students,

I truly hope that you all had a restful and fulfilling summer. My name is Danny Tighe, and I am running for Junior Class Chair during the Fall 2014 elections.  I was born and raised in a city south of Boston, MA. I’ve been employed by the YMCA since I was 15, and this past summer was promoted as the Assistant Director of Summer Camp and Outdoor Education. I have gained countless leadership skills throughout my time at the Y, which I feel qualify me to be your junior class chair. My debate skills have led me to speak at the Massachusetts State House, at the same podium that John F. Kennedy once stood. In 2010, I received the “Youth of the Year” award because I averaged approximately 120 hours of volunteer work per year during high school. My passion for community service is something that I would love to share with the student body here at ESF.

During my freshman and sophomore years at ESF I have participated in the Emerging Leaders program, been an orientation leader, was a member of the Undergraduate Student Association as a senator, and was a co-chair for the 2014 Earth Week. As co-chair of Earth week, my responsibilities included event planning, budgeting, and schedule organization – all skills that qualify me to be your junior class chair. I hope that my involvement in these programs clearly expresses my love for ESF, and all of its students. I look at this position simply as a voice of the students; a voice to make a difference by promoting the wants and needs of you all. At ESF, YOU have a voice!

Yours truly,

Daniel J Tighe

6. Junior Class Senators (up to five per class)

Fareya Zubair

Dear Undergraduate Student Association of SUNY-ESF,

I am writing my letter of intent to run for the position of Junior Class Senator. I believe I will be capable of representing the concerns and interests of the junior class. I have the leadership skills, time, and commitment to be a viable candidate. Thank you.


Fareya Zubair

Lia Heintjes


I am interested in running as a junior senator, representing the Class of 2016 within our student government. I believe that I am qualified to be a class senator because my previous experiences as freshman and sophomore. These years of experience have helped me become aware of the various duties and responsibilities needed of a senator, and I feel that I am qualified with leadership skills that a Class Senator ought to have. I am comfortable interacting with new people, and concerned about the interests and welfare of those around me. I care whether other people are happy, and in doing so, ensure that I am capable of performing tasks and planning events in my peers’ best interests at heart.

Beyond interacting with people in general, I also feel that I connect with the other students in my year, allowing me to voice their opinions during USA meetings and including student feedback when making choices that would affect my class. I hope these things make me seem eligible to be elected for another great year of membership within our Undergraduate Student Association.


Lia Heintjes

Class of 2016


Nicholas Manzione

            My name is Nicholas Manzione and I am expressing my interest to run for junior class senator for this upcoming year. I’ve been a freshman and sophomore class senator and I’ve benefitted and learned a lot about ESF from attending USA meetings. I feel in touch with campus more and I want to remain in a position that gives me a chance to express the opinions of my class on campus.

7. Senior Class Senators (up to five per class)

Ani Zipkin

Hello Fellow Students,

My name is Ani Zipkin, I'm a senior studying Environmental Resources Engineering. I am interested in fulfilling the USA position of Senior Senator. Last year I was the ERE Curriculum Senator but I am now interested in expanding my role in our student government. I understand my potential responsibilities and roles include helping plan the December Soiree and senior class gift and am eager to take them on. My organization skills and passion for planning and brainstorming I feel would be a huge asset to the Senior team. If I am elected into this position, I will not disappoint and hope to exceed expectations. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Truly Yours,
Ani Zipkin

Jack Ganley

Letter of Intent – Senior Class Senator

                After one year of being involved with the Undergraduate Student Association, I would love to further my involvement with the decisions in regards to the senior class. One of the major responsibilities of the senior class is getting the senior class gift and I believe that I could significantly assist in generating ideas and help monitor the budgets.

                The past two years, as a member the finance board, helping the Treasurer generate each clubs’ budget and review co-sponsorship requests. These responsibilities have allowed me to better understand how a budget can be maintained have given me a better understanding on finances in general.

                My responsibilities in other extracurricular events have allowed me to become acquainted with many different people. I believe that my voice would be heard and I would be able to represent the senior class in an appropriate manner. 

8. Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) Curriculum Senator

Samantha Meserve

Dear fellow ERE students,

Welcome back! I hope you all had an exciting but relaxing summer. I’m writing to you all today to express my interest in becoming the ERE Curriculum Senator for the 2014-2015 academic year. This year will mark my fourth year with ESF and the ERE program. Throughout this time I have come to know the professors, students, goals and culture of the ERE department well. I feel that this knowledge, along with my excellent organizational skills, passion for student involvement and luster for life will make me an excellent choice for this year’s curriculum senator.

Having started this program as a freshman and about to be completing it as a senior, I have attended most of the events put on by our department (aka the lovely Teri, our department’s secretary). I am also a member of the ERE Club which works to connect the students in ERE to the department and the professional world. With the connections I have built over this time I feel I would be a great choice to plan events for our students and faculty as well as voicing our opinions to the Undergraduate Student Association.

I hope that I have the chance to interact with most of you throughout the upcoming year, and if selected to represent our great department, I will work hard to ensure we are represented properly and prominently.


Samantha Meserve


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