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e s f home link - e s f college of environmental science and forestry

ESF Courses that Incorporate Service-Learning

The following are courses that have incoporated service learning recently. Check the schedule of classes on the registrar's site to see if particular courses will be offered in the upcoming semester. Complete descriptions of all courses are availble in the catalog.


  • FCH 152: General Chemistry (Donaghy)

Environmental and Forest Biology

  • EFB 305/605/NAT 300: Indigenous Issues and the Environment (Kimmerer)
  • EFB 416/616: Introduction to Environmental Interpretation (B. Folta)
  • EFB 417/617: Perspectives of Interpretive Design (B. Folta)
  • EFB 446/646: Ecology of Mosses (Kimmerer)
  • EFB 486: Ichthyology (Stewart)
  • EFB 496: Wildlife Techniques (Frair)
  • EFB 496: Hunter and Trapper Education for Wildlife Professionals (Frair, Giegerich)
  • EFB 496: Conservation Biology in Ecuador (Lash)
  • EFB 497: UMEB Seminar (Kimmerer)
  • EFB 498: Independent Study (Stewart)
  • EFB 525: Limnology Practicum (Schulz)

Environmental Resources Engineering

  • ERE 275: Introduction to Ecological Engineering (Diemont)
  • ERE 405: Sustainable Engineering (Diemont)
  • ERE 425: Ecosystem Restoration Design (Diemont)
  • ERE 489: Engineering Planning and Design (Daley)
  • ERE 643: Water Pollution Engineering (Tao)
  • ERE 798: Research in ERE (Tao)

Environmental Studies

  • EWP 190: Writing and the Environment (DeBaise)
  • EST/EFB 220: Urban Ecology (M. Hall)
  • EWP 290: Writing, Humanities and the Environment (Jager)
  • EWP 291: Writing, Humanities and the Environment - Honors (Jager)
  • EWP 410: Writing for Environmental Professionals (Whitmore)
  • EST 427/627: Environmental and Energy Auditing (Smardon)

Looking through a microscopeForest and Natural Resources Management

  • FOR 202: Introduction to Sociology (Morrison)
  • FOR 475: Human Behavior and Recreation Management (Kuehn)
  • FOR 476/676: Ecotourism and Nature Tourism (Kuehn)

Landscape Architecture

  • LSA 422: Landscape Architectural Studio III (Carter, Miller, Gavitt, CCDR: King)
  • LSA 470/670: Studio in Landscape and Urban Ecology (Carter, Daley)
  • LSA 620: Community Design Studio (Toland, CCDR: King)
  • LSA 798: Independent Study (Toland, King)

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