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SUNY Center for Brownfield Studies SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

A Community Development Discovery Center

We provide support to political jurisdictions, public agencies and non-profit organizations on issues relating to recycling of sites and redevelopment of land in urban, suburban and rural developed areas.

smokestackThe Center provides Assistance to public and non-profit entities to:

  • Evaluate development potential of sites, neighborhoods,
    communities and regions
  • Discover latent and emerging opportunities for redevelopment
  • Assess and overcome roadblocks to redevelopment and
  • Link reuse potential to market opportunities to realize
    community transformation and economic regeneration
  • Implement innovative remediation and funding strategies for remediation and redevelopment

The Center is dedicated to the advancement of best practices for community regeneration. It accomplishes its mission by pursuing:

  • Projects that demonstrate catalytic community and area wide economic transformation using integrated approaches and augmentative practices.
  • Projects that can guide community transformation by capitalizing on unacknowledged, latent and emerging opportunities for regeneration, with specific interest in market innovation, natural, physical and cultural assets, historical context, and political reality as well as the nature and extent of Brownfield contamination.
  • Projects that offer an opportunity for innovative visions and approaches for community regeneration.
  • Projects in communities that offer the opportunity to design unique strategic pathways for project implementation and funding
  • Projects that demonstrate how effective planning and design can be applied as critically important tools to capitalize on opportunities and create innovative community regeneration solutions.
  • Projects in communities where leaders, conveners and organizations are capable of translating innovative visions into projects that will transform community.

water walkWe are skilled experts in community transformation

We have demonstrated capacity to:

  • Read and understand the physical, environmental cultural, political, economic and social landscape of community as well as understand environmental issues affecting community redevelopment.
  • Analyze and interpret articulated community concerns, conditions and solutions to discover underlying needs and requirements for redevelopment.
  • Understand the consequences of alternative development decisions and communicate this knowledge to community leaders and citizens to guide communities for more effective - positive decision-making.
  • Apply community redevelopment skill, knowledge and creativity in a powerful way to the challenges of community regeneration.

We Innovate and demonstrate

  • Best practices in site, community and area wide regeneration planning, design, project finance and implementation.
  • Designs, plans and strategies that help communities describe projects more completely so that they may be better analyzed for feasibility and implementation.
  • Bioremediation and ecological remedial site design.

We Provide

  • Guidance / education on regeneration innovation and community transformation.
  • Technical Assistance in redevelopment and site problem solving and design
  • Demonstrations of best practices for remediation and redevelopment planning and decision making

For assistance please contact

Preston S. Gilbert, Operations Director SUNY CBS
Marshall Hall Room 323
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Syracuse, New York 13210
315. 470-4722

Douglas J. Daley P.E., Center Director SUNY CBS
Baker Lab Room 420
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Syracuse, New York 13210
315. 470-4760

Richard S. Hawks, Chairman Department of Landscape Architecture
Marshall Hall Room 331
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Syracuse, New York 13210
315. 470-6544

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