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Project Samples

Hunts Point Neighborhood Assessment and Redevelopment Strategy

This project involved creating a strategy for a 629 acre neighborhood; 300 acres of which are brownfields. Located in the South Bronx Hunts Point is one of the most economically and environmentally challenged congressional districts in the United States; it also has the worst air quality east of the Mississippi. The strategy which was completed in 2007, took four years to complete. It inventoried 107 sites and recommended more than 20 neighborhood scale projects totaling more than $600 million of combined public and private investment. Despite all of its problems Hunts Point industrial real estate is some of the most strategically valuable industrial real estate in the United States; this project will capture that value and direct it at neighborhood transformation.

The New York State Wholesale Farmers Market

The Center has been working in support of the New York State Department of Agriculture in the design, planning and development of a wholesale farmers market in New York City. Several sites and buildings have been evaluated and have been considered. The smallest option that has been evaluated and designed involved a 200,000 square foot building on a heavily contaminated 7 acre site; remediation was estimated to be 17 million dollars. Other alternatives that have been considered are considerably larger. The facility would accommodate 200 upstate New York farms, coops and producers, allowing them to sell raw products and shelf stable products 12 months per year in New York City. The Center is supporting the Department of Agriculture before City agencies and stakeholders in this project.

Ty Gwaith Crefft in Remsen

This project is located in the Eastern Tug Hill Plateau at the foot of the Adirondacks in a small village of 300 people. The project involves redeveloping a 26 acre former rail yard into a mixed use planned neighborhood which will be owned and operated by the local non profit Remsen Development Corporation. The focus of the development will be an international heritage based economic development partnership between communities, businesses and organizations in Wales in the United Kingdom and the community of Remsen, NY. The completed project will be a Welsh Business Park of 20 buildings, a business and genealogy oriented social network, creative industry partnerships with MVCC, the Central New York Council for the Arts and the Remsen School District

Utica Brownfield Planning

The Center has been providing technical support to the City of Utica on brownfield development for the last 7 years. During this time we have completed a review of all planning documents completed in the City of Utica for the prior 40 years and summarized and analyzed the recommendations of the plans as well as economic and real estate conditions in the City. The results were detailed in a report which made final recommendations for the delineation of the City’s proposed Brownfield Opportunity Area.

Utica Marsh Redevelopment and Context Sensitive Transportation Improvements

The Center is currently developing a plan for the improvement of the 700 acre Utica Marsh Natural area, along with remediation and redevelopment recommendations for three junkyards abutting the natural area and expanding the natural area by another 500 acres. The plan will link Utica Marsh to the Utica Gateway Project and simultaneously will integrate a very significant MGP site that is undergoing remediation into the Marsh. The core recommendations of the plan will involve recommendations for the development of entrances, development nodes, access and circulation improvements as well as Marsh expansion and facilities construction.

NYC Metro Area Freight Village Feasibility Study

The Center is working in a consortium with New York University, CCNY and Rutgers University to locate a 500 acre freight village (planned industrial community) in NYC or the 5 county NYC Metro Area. The Centers role in the team is site and area planning and development strategy formulation; the other team members are focused on transportation systems, logistics and economics.

Hudson River Superfund Site Redevelopment

The Center completed reuse plans for the Hudson River Dredging Site in Fort Edward NY. This 150 acre site (expandable to 400 acres) has its own municipal water and sewer as well as a brand new port on the Hudson River / Champlain Canal. The site presents opportunities for rail, water and truck intermodal service. It will be available for redevelopment in 6 years. The development strategy is that for a food oriented industrial park and related amenities.

Yonkers Waterfront Development

The Center completed a Master Plan for a 23 site on the Hudson River in Yonkers. Part of the site is a former landfill that has been in use as green space, the remainder of the site hosts the Hudson River Museum and a newly established high school for the environment. The plan proposes the redevelopment of the green space into a park and marina that is integrated into the enhanced sites for the high school and museum.

Groveton Paper Mill Reuse Strategy

The Center is currently working on a reuse strategy for the former Wausau Paper Mill in Groveton NH in the White Mountains of NH. The 170 acre site has significant evidence of contamination and is currently undergoing a level two environmental assessment. The Center is working closely with the engineering consultant conducting the assessment to develop a reuse strategy that reflects the challenges and opportunities uncovered in the site investigation and the larger economic marketplace. Key considerations are adjacent water resources, cogeneration, district heating, wood resources, controlled environment agriculture, logistics, main street redevelopment and community development.

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