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Reserving: Gateway Center Event Space

Reservations are not confirmed until they have been approved by the Physical Plant (315-470-6889;

If you have problems with this form, contact Aaron Knight in Information Systems at 315-470-6648.

Room capacity: Varies based on room configuration

Please review available event space configurations on the Gateway Center website prior to submitting this form.

Make sure entries are complete and correct. Double-check dates, times, and spelling.

Do not abbreviate.

Basic Reservation Information

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From the details below, please indicate if your event emanates from an ESF or non-ESF entity.

Please indicate which individual from the list on the left, or from which ESF campus department this event emanates from:

For all non-ESF organizations, a Revocable Permit must be submitted to the Outreach office for approval at least two months prior to the event. Please refer to the ESF policy for Occasional Use of Campus Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations for more information.

On-Site Contact Information
Give us the contact information of the person who will be responsible on the day of the event.


University Police Services

It is your responsibility to confirm any requests in advance. Contact University Police directly at 315-470-6667.

Parking details will be provided on the next page.