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Top 10 New Species of 2008

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Name: Xerocomus silwoodensis

How it made the Top 10: This new mushroom species was discovered on Silwood Campus, a campus of Imperial College, London, although it is also found elsewhere (two additional sites in England and one each in Spain and Italy). The discovery of a new species in one of the most intensely studied floras in the world and on the campus of a leading education center for biologists illustrates how poorly species are known.

Reference: Taylor, A.F.S., A.E. Hills, G. Simonini, J.A. Muñoz and U. Eberhardt. 2007. Xerocomus silwoodensis sp. nov., a new species within the European X. subtomentosus complex. Mycological Research 111: 403-408.

Type material: Holotype, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


  • Species:
    Xerocomus silwoodensis
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