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Phantastic Phasmatid!

Top 10 New Species of 2009

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Photos by Philip Bragg

Name: Phobaeticus chani

Common Name: None

Family: Phasmatidae

How it made the Top 10:This is the world's longest insect with a body length of 35.6cm (14 inches) and a overall length of 56.7 cm (22.3 inches).

Reference: Phobaeticus chani Bragg spec. nov. (p.138-141) in Hennemann, F.H. & V.O. Conle. 2008. Revision of Oriental Phasmatodea: The tribe Pharnaciini Günther, 1953, including the description of the world's longest insect, and a survey of the family Phasmatidae Gray, 1835 with keys to the subfamilies and tribes (Phasmatodea: "Anareolatae": Phasmatidae). Zootaxa 1906: 1-316.

Type material: Holotype: "[female] & eggs (removed from body): Sabah, Penampang district, Ulu Moyog, c. 650 m, Native, 25.II.1989 (BMNH, ex coll. CLC)." Paratypes: "[female]: Sabah, Buntui, Sunsuron, J. Kulip, 10.X.1989 (FRSC)" and "[male]: Sabah, Sipitang, Coll. Yong Ah Lok, 15.IV.1983 (CLC)."

Type locality: Ulu Moyog, Penampang district, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia.

Etymology: "This new species, the longest known extant insect of the world, is named in honour of C.L. Chan (Kota Kinabalu, Sabah) [...]."