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World’s Smallest Vertebrate
Top 10 New Species of 2013

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Paedophryne amanuensis
Living vertebrate animals range in size more than 3,000 fold, from this tiny new species of frog as small as 7 mm to the blue whale measuring in at 25.8 m. The new frog was discovered near Amau village in Papua, New Guinea. It claims the title of smallest living vertebrate from a tiny Southeast Asian cyprinid fish that captured the record in 2006. The adult frog size, averaging length of both males and females, is only 7.7mm. With few exceptions, this and other ultra-small frogs have been found in association with moist leaf litter in tropical wet forests suggesting a unique ecological guild that could not exist under drier circumstances.

Country: New Guinea

Rittmeyer, E. N., Allison, A., Grundler, M. C., Thompson, D. K., and C. C. Austin. 2012. Ecological guild evolution and the discovery of the world’s smallest vertebrate. PLoS ONE 7, e29797.

Photo credit:
Christopher C. Austin