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The voluntary STEM approach between TRINITY, the East Syracuse Minoa School district (ESM) and the Syracuse City School District (SCDS) with the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central (ITSC) demonstrates and enhances a broad linkage between researches, education and industry practices by synthesizing science into an understandable format that can serve as a role model for others. The interaction of high schools and TRINITY will create a wide impact on the length of the education STEM pipeline that stretches from elementary school to graduate shcool and beyond to the general public. It will help bring concepts of science and sustainable practice to the classrooms by educating and training teachers and providing presentations, activities, and coursework to students in diverse urban and suburban areas. The activities will generate fun in science learning. Hands-on experiences and activities are designed to increase students' interest in STEM topics.



Klaus Dolle, Ph. D.

1 Forestry Dr.
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