Tutoring Program Policies

Academic Support Services Office

Academic Success Center | 109 Moon Library | (315) 470-4919 |
  • All tutoring assignments must be arranged through the Peer Tutor Coordinator to be eligible for compensation.
  • This program supports undergraduate students at ESF who desire help or guidance in studying for any ESF course.
  • A tutor may provide no more than one hour of individualized tutoring a week per student per course. If more tutoring is required, please contact the Peer Tutor Coordinator.
  • All tutors are required to attend one "Introduction to Tutoring" workshop during the Fall/Spring semester. Additionally, to foster appropriate development of one's skills, Tutors are also encouraged to attend at least one of the Tutor Training workshops held during the semester. The schedule for these workshops are available in the ASC, on our Tutoring Services webpage, and via the Peer Tutor Coordinator.
  • All tutoring sessions are arranged by the Academic Support Services Office and the Peer Tutor Coordinator.
  • If an assigned tutor and tutee tutoring session is held and the tutee does not show up for the session without informing the tutor 24 hours in advance;
    1. The tutor can still claim payment for 30 minutes worth of service for the first occurrence.
    2. And, if a tutee fails twice to keep an appointment with her/his assigned tutor without notifying the tutor 24 hours in advance, the tutor will be reassigned. The student may not be able to obtain another tutor for that course for the remainder of that semester.
  • If a student no longer needs a tutor, the student must notify the Academic Support Services Office immediately so that the tutor can be reassigned.
  • If a tutor fails to show up for her/his scheduled tutoring sessions without notifying the tutee 24 hours in advance, or fails to contact her/his tutee within two weeks, the tutee will be reassigned with a new tutor. The tutor will not be assigned any tutees for the remainder of that semester.
  • All tutoring sessions are held in the Moon Library or in assigned classrooms for large group sessions such as Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry.
  • Tutor time-sheets are to be returned to the Academic Support Services Office for processing. Time-sheets that are two pay periods or more late, will not be processed.


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