e s f letters
e s f letters

Overnight Parking of State Vehicles

University Police Department

All state fleet vehicles left on campus overnight are to be parked in the vehicle garage. If you return after hours or on weekends you should contact University Police to open the garage. If the garage is full or you are unable to gain access to the garage, vehicles can be left outside the garage along the cemetery.

There is, and has always been, a year round ban on overnight parking in all other lots. This is strictly enforced during the winter season due to snow plowing operations. The person signing out the vehicle will be responsible for payment of fines.

When picking up assigned fleet vehicles and vehicle packets on weekdays, please make every effort to pick them up at Physical Plant during the operational hours of 7:30 am through 4:00 pm.

Parking Info If you have questions on any of these issues please contact University Police at x6667. Your continued cooperation will be greatly appreciated to ensure that the parking lots can be cleared in an expedient manner.