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Emergency Notifications

ESF Campus Emergency Procedures

If an emergency were to occur that impacted SUNY-ESF the campus community would be notified in a number of ways.  If the incident poses an imminent threat to the campus community the Chief of University Police and/or the Environmental Health and Safety Officer will initiate notification by activating the "SUNY NY Alert" system.  Commonly known as the New York State All-Hazards Alert and Notification system once activated it will notify students, faculty and staff through a number of messaging gateways; email, voice phone, text messaging or fax.  The campus will also utilize Campus email broadcasts, SUNY-ESF Homepage, person to person contact as well as local media coverage to communicate an emergency.  Alerts sent will contain incident-specific emergency messages and detailed instructions on how to respond to them.  The SUNY NY-Alert system is maintained by the New York State Emergency Management Office that can be found at: www.semo.state.ny.us.

 SUNY NY Alert system is tested periodically via a test group as well as annually campus wide.