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Editing Web Sites & Pages

#1 Access Permission

If you don't already have server access permission to edit the contents of your web folder...

  • Faculty & Staff: Contact us at 470-4858, web@esf.edu.
  • Students: Complete the Student Web Access form to gain access. Student access will only be granted if requested or directly confirmed by a faculty/staff supervisor (the Director of Student Involvement & Leadership supervises all student organizations web editors).

Connect to the Web Server

To connect on campus or off, you will need to configure your computer or editing application using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).

Connection Instructions

On-campus Connection for Windows Users

Windows users with an esf.edu account can map a network drive to connect to web folders that they have 'permission' to edit.

This method works only for computers connected directly to the ESF network (on campus).

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Need Help?

Contact us at 470-4858, web@esf.edu or drop by 123 Bray.